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A Wall-of-Famer looks back at their work on Inkipedia.

The Wall of Fame exists solely to recognize the users who have put amazing time, effort, and energy into making Inkipedia a better place. A place on the Wall of Fame is the highest achievement possible, and should only be awarded by a community vote.

How to add Inkipedians to the Wall of Fame

If you wish to recognize a fantastic Inkipedia user by adding them to the Wall of Fame, follow the instructions to create a Requests for Rights vote as a subpage of Inkipedia:Requests for Rights. While Wall of Fame votes have often taken place as part of a demotion vote to recognize the user's efforts as they leave Inkipedia, Wall of Fame votes do not require a demotion. Wall of Fame votes can be part of any vote, though it is recommended to create a dedicated vote as part of Inkipedia:Requests for Rights.

Wall of Fame

Name Joined Inducted Reason
Lumoshi 10 June 2014 4 August 2015 Lumoshi was the first editor to be inducted into the Wall of Fame for his extraordinary influence in shaping the wiki. He founded the Splatoon Wikia on 10 June 2014, and played a crucial role in its growth and functionality. Without Lumoshi and his freshness, Inkipedia would not exist- and for that, we are forever grateful.
Aegis 26 April 2015 1 February 2016 Aegis was one of the most influential parts of the wiki's initial growth and development. Almost all of the CSS and designs we take for granted on Inkipedia were created by Aegis, from the layout of the main page[1] to the cool ink splats next to section titles. We'd be nowhere near where we are today without his contributions and creativity.
ShrimpPin 19 May 2015 26 August 2017 ShrimpPin has been a tremendous asset to Inkipedia, and has been fundamental to getting Inkipedia off the ground on both the editing and social front. Thank you!
Bzeep 31 July 2015 14 June 2020 Bzeep is the best possible example of a community manager and a role model for every Inkipedian. When she isn't writing cool Inkipedia articles, she's on the ABXY Discord being the friendliest person you will ever meet!


  1. Aegis' main page layout is no longer in use. To see that layout, visit the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.