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Hope you're having a nice day!

You can call me Storm, Lake, Puddle, Ghost, Etc.


Fair warning, I have Dpdr & Adhd + other things which may effect my editing and/or responses.

Huge hyperfixation on splatoon, especially Return of the Mammalians, Octo expansion, and now/soon Side order

[Apologies if i make alot of seprate edits to a page at once, I have a poor memory and tend to forget to add things, so I constantly have to go back and add stuff]

Other pages: User:LakePuddle/Sandbox User:LakePuddle/sandbox4work

Current editing interest/plans:

Fleshing out Return of the mamaliions information, meaning alot of replaying it on a seperate account for screenshots and stuff.

Getting more information on Denizens of the deep and Deepsea metro stops.

ROTM: progress, and things to be done


All Alterna levels have Clear rewards (I Checked)


Add original debut for octodiver in rotm (And oe)?

Easy acess: Special:ListFiles

Skateboarding Jellyfish in Inkopolis Square.gif

File:Octo Expansion chat session 3 image.png