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Ayo! I'm Splattersky, but you can call me Sky. Never had Splatoon 1, but don't call me a fake fan bruh; got Splatoon 2 December 2017 (along with my switch) and you could not have a more dedicated fan then me. Legit EVEYRTHING I do is Splatoon! I just love it soooo much. Kinda obsessed tbh xD #woomyveemo4life

I am a biiiig fan of Off the Hook (my senpais ;w;), and I seriously wanna go to one of their live concerts (even if it's in Japan - I can speak a lil bit of Japanese anyway!). I'm actually currently writing a fanfic about when they first met :3

My Faves

Character: PEARLIE'S MY GURL! She's so adorable, I love her personality and her rapping <3 'Rina's noice too tho, as is Callie. Marie's... uh... fine. :x

Band (aside from OTH and SS): Diss-Pair seem pretty kewl, and I like the anenome chick in the Chirpy Chips (or ABXY, as I like to call 'em). Dedf1sh is also REALLY awesome - her music and her backstory - although she's less of a band and more of a DJ lol

Weapon: Any type of Dualies, but mostly Dapple and Kensa -3-

Sub: Burst Bomb, but honestly... I can get used to anything that comes with my favourite weapons >.>

Special: Booyah Bomb - the one time people ACTUALLY BOOYAH BACK.

Stage: Does MC.Princess Diaries count? xP if not, Manta Maria.

Song: I know that Calamari Inkantation is meant to be etched into our souls, but I think Ebb 'n' Flow is etched into mine! One of my favourite songs of all time <3 Aside from that, I'm into Ink Me Up, Shark Bytes, Calamari Inkantation (well obvi) and Fly Octo Fly.

Splatfest Choices

Starting with Pulp vs. No-Pulp, I made it to Splatfest Queen every time!

Splatfest Stats
Team Result
S2 Splatfest Icon Action.png Action Loss Action-Comedy tbh. But ya know, I love a good nail-biter!
S2 Splatfest Icon Money.png Money Loss I was actually away when it was happening, but I woulda chosen Money cuz Love is the obvious choice and I wanted to be different, ya can't really have one without the other, and I wanted to support Sempai Pearl :3
S2 Splatfest Icon Chicken.png Chicken Victory cHaKiN
S2 Splatfest Icon Soccer.png Soccer Loss Soccer is funzies! Also it's more Aussie like mehself
S2 Splatfest Icon Raph.png Raph Victory Never watched TMNT. But Raph sounded kewl
S2 Splatfest Icon Mikey.png Mikey Loss So did Mikey.
S2 Splatfest Icon Raph.png Raph Loss hhhh same reasoning
S2 Splatfest Icon No Pulp.png No Pulp Loss I drink to DRINK, not to eat, tyvm
S2 Splatfest Icon Squid.png Squid Victory SQUIDKID FOR LIFE BRO
S2 Splatfest Icon Fork.png Fork Victory Pearl's reasoning made SO much more sense. If I really had to live off one, I'd definitely choose fork (though a more accurate representation of me is fingers :P).
S2 Splatfest Icon Modern.png Modern Victory im not stuck in the past thank you very much
S2 Splatfest Icon Treat.png Treat Victory This Splatfest was the BEST! The graffiti, gear, and decorations were awesome! And cmon guys, you expected me to NOT choose candy? Smh.
S2 Splatfest Icon Salsa.png Salsa Victory Luv da theme this time around c: For once, it was tricky to decide! I <3 both, but I concluded that I can make guac any time (and lemme tell ya, i make DANK guac) but salsa's more of a treat! and it's kind of yummier when you really think about it!
S2 Splatfest Icon Hero.png Hero Loss a) Better Smash characters are heroes, fite me b) EVIL NEVER WINSSSSS c) Wanna prove to y'all that heroes are not cliche.
S2 Splatfest Icon Family.png Family Loss MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D I always spend holidays with my fam, I love them ;u;
S2 Splatfest Icon Pancakes.png Pancakes Loss literally the hardest choice of my life ;-; but i GUESS i do have pancakes more so...
S2 Splatfest Icon Wizard.png Wizard Victory I was SUPER passionate about this theme. I mean, hello? MAGIC? >u< and what made this Splatfest the AWESOMEST EVER is the fact that I WON A 10x BATTLE FOR THE FIRST TIME! BOOYAH!!
S2 Splatfest Icon Hare.png Hare Victory Omigosh, neon pastel spring theme... MY LIFE! And yes, I know the story about the tortoise winning, but it was only because the hare was overconfident, and bunnies are mechakucha kawaii (super cute), so there you have it. :3
S2 Splatfest Icon Teleportation.png Teleportation Victory Yeah, not really feelin' the whole "go back in time and disrupt the universe" thing. Imagine not having to walk or drive to the places you gotta go to - you can just BE THERE. Now that's awesome!
S2 Splatfest Icon Unicorn.png Unicorn Loss Uh, MAGIC vs. FACETOOTH? You gotta be squiddin' me. Even though we didn't win, I had the BEST time! Won two outta three 10x battles, both with good friends! But... you ever get that feeling that something big is coming...?
S2 Splatfest Icon Chaos.png Chaos Victory TIME TO CHANGE THE WORLD, Y'ALL! I don't want boring old rules and regulations - I want FUN! And I can't not go with Pearlie for FinalFest. I gotta say, Nintendo did a great job with this one - the music, the decorations, the new Shifty Station (I GOT TO MEET SENPAI!)... so many great memories (including my first-ever 100x battle win!!) <3

And now chaos reigns! BOOYAH!

Thing I want for Splatoon

  • I want a fully explorable Inkopolis! WOULDN'T THAT BE SICK?!
  • I want 4 and 8 to be added as characters that you meet in the next campaign, like in Octo Expansion!
  • more gear plz especially pants i'm an edgy teenager i need my ripped jeans ty
  • This has been said by a lotta peoples before, but you know... HAIRSTYLES...
  • I know Sploon 3 is probs in the works atm, but I think more expansions for Sploon 2 would be a good idea as well!

Thanks for viewing my user page, visitor! Whoa, no... edits?! LEGIT.

Catch ya laters!

And remember... ALWAYS BOOYAH BACK!SplatterskytalkOE Icon Pearl.png

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