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Splatling tips

Things to look out for

  • Dualies:

Dualies can come up and surprise you and that sucks. You have to use your range and power to remove them from the playing field as soon as possible. Otherwise they'll dodge roll until they are close enough to splat.Try to use a Splashdown if you have a Hydra and you are cornered cause you can't charge in time. You also REALLY need to look out for the Squelchers because of their range and power. As well as the Kensa Splat Dualies, because you can be beating them up from your camping place when BOOM they activate the Baller, climb to your spot, and BOOM your at your spawn point.

  • Sloshers

WATCH THE OPPONENTS INK! You never know when that Japanese level MAX rank x will pop out with their tricked out Tri Slosher (which probably has a few weapon badges on it)and wee oori you are at your spawn point again. What I am saying is INK EVERYWHERE so you can't be surprised if somebody is sharking you. And if you have The Chirper, at least toss out a point sensor.

  • Splash-o-matics

These are absolutely bonkerballs at inking turf. It is essentially an accurate Aerospray on steroids. These are really stinking hard to splat if you're just camping out, splatting everyone when one of these sneaks up on you with Ninja Squid and splats you before you can even TRY to charge. If the other team has any of these, try to always have a charge ready so if one of these is inking turf like there is no tomorrow, DONT LET THEM GET THE SUCTION BOMB LAUNCHER! If you don't, JUST RUN AWAY!!!

The Heavy Splatling Remix (or "The Chirper") is perfect for any situation, mode or opponent. I originally thought the Point Sensor was bad but it is surprisingly good for "smoking out opponents" as Sheldon puts it, and I can't find any flaws in the Woomy Bomb. I have a weapon badge on it and I hope you do too.

The Kensa Mini Splatling doesn't have range, but it's still a Splatling. Enough said.

Because of the switchability of the Ballpoint Splatling you essentially have the Hydra, Mini, and Nautilus all in one.

Be that über-annoying Splatling user that splats (and infuriates) everyone and when they try to get revenge you splat them again.

And for long range chargers, Ninja Squid is vital to sneak up on them.

A very useful tip is just hold ZR

All the other classes aren't that hard to delete.

Useful Abilities

Main Power Up is really the best one to have because it makes your weapon more efficient. I have also found that Swim Speed Up is great as well

Hope you are a Splatling Fanatic too!

Ps everyone should check out Flame1232's roller page.

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