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Hello, hello! This is Periwinkle's Profile! And I'm just that one user that is a hopeless failure and incapable of editing anything correctly. :|

And my Wii U is having some troubles, so it might be a while before I get back to splatting... D:


Thought I might pay a visit. I've gotten back into the game with Sheldon's Picks being released and everything. :D


Last updated April 14.

Favorite Weapon: Wasabi Splattershot
Level: 40
Rank: B
Gear: Octoglasses, Zapfish Satin Jacket, and the Punk Whites
Favorite ink color: Blue  

My Nintendo Network ID and Display Name for Splatoon are private, sorry for any inconvenience. :P

Splatfest Statistics FlagUSA.svg

Team Result Rank Date Reward
  Science Loss Champion September 19, 2015 Super Sea Snails 10
  Planes Loss Fiend October 10, 2015 Super Sea Snails 3
  Pirates Win Queen October 31, 2015 Super Sea Snails 24
  Pizza Loss Champion December 4, 2015 Super Sea Snails 10
  Nice Loss Champion December 18, 2015 Super Sea Snails 10
  Future Loss Missed it! :( January 16, 2015 Super Sea Snails 0
  Pokemon Blue Win Missed it again! >.< Febuary 20, 2016 Super Sea Snails ?
  Fancy Party Win Defender May 14, 2016 Super Sea Snails 10


FemaleUser.png This user is female.

Other Things

Splatoon Fanfiction on Wattpad. Yup, please read. I'm always up for helpful criticism.

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