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hi im squidcat!! Splatoon 3 is out and i LOVE IT!

some stuff in-game about me:

  • i'm a dualie main! i main clear dapple dualies in splatoon 2 and main dapple dualies nouveau in splatoon 3!!
  • i'm an inkling (banger haircut user :D)
  • rainmaker is prob my fav ranked mode

Splatfest Teams

  • Splatoon 2
    • Ketchup (2020), Chicken (2020), Trick (2020), Super Star
  • Splatoon 3
    • Scissors, Grub, Fire, Spicy, White Chocolate, Alien


  • i've been playing the Splatoon series for 3 years! it's my favorite game series ever!
  • very interested in lore and hidden info!
  • i love splatbands i find them interesting


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