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The pickup message for disc pieces

Disc pieces are item pickups in Splatoon 3: Side Order, and appear as one-third pieces that resemble CDs.

When all three pieces are collected, the Pearl Drone uses her Step-Off Song, which knocks back nearby Jelletons in a wide area, stuns bosses, and temporarily prevents portals from spawning more Jelletons.

Disc pieces normally have a 1% chance of dropping from defeated enemies, which can be increased with color chips or the Lucky Chain. Damage from the Step-Off Song is also affected by Sound-Wave Damage color chips.

The Step-Off Song is a snippet of the Inkopolis News theme by Off the Hook.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ディスクパーツ
Disc Parts
Netherlands Dutch Diskdeel Disc part
Russia Russian Фрагмент диска
Fragment diska
Disc fragment
SpainMexico Spanish Pieza de disco Disc piece

Step-Off Song
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Schoksirene Shock Siren[note 1]
SpainMexico Spanish Estallido sonoro Sound explosion

Translations notes

  1. A pun on a sirene ("siren", a noisy warning device) and Pearl's Dutch name, Lorelei, being based on a sirene ("siren", a creature of Greek mythology).