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To keep images organised on Inkipedia, users should follow the image guidelines specified here.

General guidance

When uploading an image, it needs to have an appropriate name and description, and be categorized by using [[Category:Category name]] tags in the "Summary" field on the upload page. If you are unsure of the best file type to use, .png images are the preferred format because of their enhanced lossless compression, transparency layer, and open standard format.

Naming guidance

An appropriate name is one that describes what the image is. Names should not detail where or how the image is going to be used. Numbers appended onto names are acceptable for use in series of screenshots or for images that differ a little but enough to warrant a separate upload. Names should never be made up of numbers only or time stamps.

Note that file name extensions are case-sensitive, for example Image.jpg is not the same as Image.JPG.

Similarly, we disallow .jpeg in titles, because of the duplication risk with .jpg titles.

Please always use lowercase file extensions. For JPEG types, please use the extension .jpg.

Symbols in names

The following symbols are disallowed in filenames for MediaWiki technical reasons: # < > [ ] _ { | } / :[a][b][c]

The following symbols are also disallowed in filenames because of Windows restrictions and to protect readers: " \ ? *

The following symbols are allowed in filenames with good reason (such as it matches the name of the in-game item): ' & % + = ^ ` ~ ¡ .[d] [e]

The following symbols are allowed in filenames with few restrictions: ! $ ( ) , - ; @

No filenames should include non-printable characters.

In most cases the most sensible resolution is to remove the problematic characters.

  1. _ is in this list as MediaWiki replaces it with a space.
  2. / while technically allowed, causes a subpage in the file, which can cause errors in Visual Editor and rendering tools.
  3. : while technically allowed, causes errors in pre-parser templates and other wiki markup
  4. Much of this list must be HTML-style encoded. This may cause errors and should be avoided unless it is more beneficial to the wiki for the symbol to be present.
  5. . is in this list as it represents a file extension. Some file rendering does not work for images with multiple periods.


Good image names Bad image names
Boy Inkling.png
Playthrough on Warehouse.gif
Splatoon frontcover.png
Vantage points on Port Mackerel.png
Callie and Marie.png
OE 0 shell.mp3
The # in #0 shell has been removed.
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Jr..png
This is allowed despite the double period because the weapon is called Splattershot Jr..
S3 Gear Clothing Takoroka m Alien.png
Despite the clothing being called Takoroka \m/ Alien, the offending characters have been removed.
This item.png
other thing.png
Pretty dock.JPG

Summaries and descriptions

An appropriate description is one which links back to the relevant article and contains text noting what the image is. For images not created by yourself and not a capture of Splatoon, provide a link to the source for attribution, along with the author's name if available. External links can be created with the following syntax: [ Source] produces Source.

The description for a screenshot should contain information about the level and general area in which it was taken, and any specific action which is taking place.


The categories to use when categorizing an image are the subcategories of the images category. All applicable categories should be used. However, categories should be as specific as possible. Do not include a category that is on top of a more appropriate one. To this effect, there should be very few images in the images category as they should be placed in sub categories.

Please be aware of uploading copyrighted material. Do not upload watermarked images. However, most other things are acceptable under {{fairuse}}.

User images

Main article: Inkipedia:Policy/User content

Users are permitted to upload images to use on their user page. They must be marked as such using {{user image}} in the file description, which adds them to Category:User images.

Images that are unused or images belonging to inactive users may be deleted.

A limit of 7 user images has been set. Images uploaded in excess of this limit will be deleted. For more details on this limit, see the user content policy.

Image editing

Fan-edited images are outside the scope of Inkipedia. Please do not upload edited images for use in wiki articles. Using edited images in user pages is acceptable.

  • Do not attempt to make an image transparent. Instead, find an official image that already has transparency. If an official transparent image is unavailable, then a non-transparent image must be used. This way, readers do not have to see jagged edges or other inevitable visual errors that result from background removal, and readers can benefit from the intended full context of the image, and the official status and integrity of the image is maintained.
  • Do not use AI upscaling, or any sort of upscaling at all. Upscaling causes an algorithm to make "guesses" on the color of each pixel in order to expand the size of an image, thus making the image an inaccurate representation of the source material. If the image is so small that you think it should be upscaled, then upload the original image anyways, and look for a larger official image later. In the case of game screenshots, obtain a 1080p capture card to get the best possible image size. This way, readers can enjoy the intended appearance of the image, and the official status and integrity of the image is maintained.

Editors may reach a consensus to use an edited image for a particular purpose, disregarding a guideline if they feel that the wiki is improved thanks to an edit.

Capture devices

Full quality screenshots and videos (1280x720p for Wii U Splatoon games, 1920x1080p for Switch Splatoon games) can be obtained by use of a capture device. Screenshots obtained using the Switch or Wii U built-in screenshot function will be lower in resolution quality than a capture device screenshot; the Wii U screenshot function creates 960x540p images and the Switch screenshot function creates 1280x720p images. The higher quality images created by capture devices is appreciated, but not essential, so Inkipedia editors may use whichever method they prefer to take screenshots, be it the built-in screenshot function or a capture device.

When using a capture device, it is best to capture at the native resolution of the game. For example, while the Wii U is capable of 1080p output, Splatoon has a native resolution of 720p, so if the Wii U is set to 1080p then it will upscale the 720p video output to 1080p, resulting in blurry output. To properly capture the game in this example, it would be necessary to set the Wii U to 720p in system settings.

Capture settings for Splatoon series games
Game Native resolution Optimal capture settings
Splatoon 1280x720p Set Wii U to 720p. Set capture device to 720p.
Splatoon 2 1920x1080p Set Switch to 1080p. Set capture device to 1080p.
Splatoon 3

Further help

  • To view or search previously uploaded files, go to the list of uploaded files, (re)uploads are also logged in the upload log, deletions in the deletion log.
  • Names with their raw code as their name (e.g. File:EAY8GCAVFDQI0etc.jpg) will be deleted or renamed.
  • Copyright information can be selected from the Upload menu's licensing dropdown box. This will mostly be {{fairuse}}.
  • To include a file in a page, use a link in one of the following forms:
    • [[File:File.jpg]] to use the full version of the file
    • [[File:File.png|200px|thumb|left|alt text]] to use a 200 pixel wide rendition in a box in the left margin with "alt text" as description
    • [[Media:File.oga]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file.
  • Make sure the width of the image doesn't over extend the width of the page.
  • If you are unsure, ask an admin or another member on their talkpage or find us on Discord.