Splatoon, Vol. 2

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Splatoon, Vol. 2 is the second volume of the Splatoon manga created by Sankichi Hinodeya.


Splatoon, Vol. 2
Front cover Language Publisher Release date Book number (ISBN)
Splatoon (manga) volume 2 JP front cover.jpg Japan Japanese CoroCoro Comic 27 January 2017 978-4091422897
Splatoon (manga) volume 2 ES front cover.jpg Spain Spanish Norma Editorial 26 January 2018 978-8467928365
SplatMangaVol2FRCover.jpg France French Soleil Manga 7 March 2018 978-2302064560
Splatoon manga Vol 2 EN.jpg USA English Viz Media 13 March 2018 978-1421597683
Splatoon (manga) volume 2 GER front cover.jpg Germany German Carlsen Manga 31 July 2018 978-3551724489



Bonus: Train! Train!

The bonus manga is included in volume 2.


Goggles is heading for a train to Inkopolis to meet up with the rest of the team, where they plan to practice, but ends up arriving late. Goggles is the first to miss the train and sees Glasses inside, he turns into squid form to arrive just in time but he finds out that his clothes fell off as he got in. Both of them had to go back to the platform for Goggles' clothes until they miss the other train. Goggles notices Headphones and Bobble and he, against Glasses' wishes, try to Super Jump to them, only leading both of them to hit the side of the train with Headphones noticing and Bobble distracted by her music. The boys catch the next train and Glasses yells at Goggles that they are still late. As they arrive at Inkopolis Plaza, Glasses gets out but Goggles is pushed in by a large tour group of jellyfish and ends up being yet again, the last one to arrive.

Inkling Almanac

This almanac shows the new teams and their players in the volume:

  • Cyan Team: Mask, Designer Headphones, Full Moon Glasses, Jersey
  • Purple Team: Skull, Aviators, Stitch, Paisley
  • Dark-Green Team: Bike Helmet, Stripe, Shrimp, Skate Helmet