Chapter 5: Mask

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#4.5: Dark Green
Splatoon, Vol. 2
#6: Training

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Japanese title page
Debuted on 30 August 2016
Collected in Volume 2
Chapter number #5

Mask is the fifth chapter of the Splatoon manga. It was first released on 30 August 2016.


After defeating Aloha from the S4, Goggles is already eager for another exciting battle. Luckily, there seems to be another squid who is just as eager to take them on, Rider cannot help but wonder who they are.

This is the first time the manga shows Bobble Hat's special weapon: the Inkstrike.

The manga starts with Goggles and Bobble happily asking who would like to battle them, much to Specs and Headphones' embarrassment. Goggles finds Rider and pantses him which gets him beaten up like usual. Rider hears that the Blue Team beat the S4's Aloha and they tell him they have a Turf War today as well. Specs tells him that they received a very polite invitation for one, but there was no name on it, so he and the others figured the sender forgot. Rider hoped that was the case.

The Blue Team soon arrive in Walleye Warehouse where the email asked them to come to where they meet Mask and his team: Full Moon, Designer, and Jersey, much to Specs and Headphones' horror. Goggles remains positive, which Mask says he despises. He becomes angry at their attitudes, particularly Goggles and Bobble Hat. The Turf War soon starts and Specs has the team spread out so they cannot get all of them. Headphones sees Full Moon aiming her Luna Blaster at her but she instead walks past her and tricks Headphones into getting splatted by an Ink Mine. Specs is then against Jersey but he is distracted by her and does not notice that he has been splatted by a sprinkler placed by Jersey above from him. Designer then throws a Disruptor at Goggles which slows him down, and Mask throws a Seeker, splatting him. Mask introduces their tactic as Sub Weapon Armageddon which Bobble, the only one remaining, calls him a bully for an underhanded tactic before getting splatted by his Carbon Roller, which Rider points out that he swung it despite being known for not having to. After they all respawn, the Blue Team tries to watch out for any more traps, only for Headphones and Specs to be splatted by Mask from the back (which he swings his Carbon Roller yet again). Mask then throws another Seeker at Goggles but he jumps over it. Mask then activates his special, a Seeker Bomb Rush and splats Goggles. With only Bobble left, Mask tries to intimidate her, but she simply laughs it off, shocking him and bringing back the rest of her team smiling. Mask asks why she is still laughing, to which Bobble replies because it is fun. He does not believe her, and Bobble explains that even when the worst comes, she and her team are always together and that is what makes their Turf Wars fun. She then asks if Mask feels the same way, and he mumbles that he does enjoy being with his teammates before trying to intimidate her again. However, Bobble activates her special, the Inkstrike, and sends it out to the middle, revealing Mask and the rest of his team in their hiding places. With the Cyan Team now revealed, the Blue Team makes a comeback by attacking head-on so they can find any of their traps. Goggles rides on Specs' Octobrush and launches off of it, splatting Full Moon and Designer. Jersey escapes from him only to be splatted by Headphones, leaving only Mask unsplatted. Mask is shocked of their sudden push, and Bobble and Goggles are now getting closer to him. Scared, he swings his roller, but Goggles dodges it and splats him just as the battle ends, and Judd declares Blue Team the winners.

The Cyan Team now defeated, try to think of different ways of beating the team by using more underhanded tactics. Goggles says the match was fun, and asks if that is enough which to the shock of the entire Cyan Team, they too actually had fun. Rider, who watched the whole match, wondered if that is how they won their previous matches against the S4. Mask then warns the Blue Team about Skull, the last S4 member, saying he is nothing like the others. Goggles stays positive that they will do their best, but in the next scene, they are beaten by him. Soon, Skull and his team leave, but not before Goggles stops to ask for a rematch some other day. Skull declines battling someone as weak as him, leaving Goggles shocked before getting up and having the rest of his friends practice. Before they leave, Rider decides to give the Blue Team some "Special training".


  • Team Blue
  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Specs
  4. Headphones
  • Team Cyan
  1. Mask
  2. Designer Headphones
  3. Full Moon Glasses
  4. Jersey
  1. Callie
  2. Marie


  • This is the first time the Blue Team was defeated on-screen. The Blue Team are defeated in the CoroCoro Cup, there was no proof except for this being mentioned in Issue 2 by Goggles apologizing to Rider for losing and soon getting beaten up by him.
  • The matches against the Cyan Team and Purple Team both take place at Walleye Warehouse.