Chapter 30: Costume Party

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Splatoon, Vol. 8
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Costume Party
Splatoon Manga chapter 30 cover.jpg
Japanese title page
Debuted on 15 December 2018
Collected in Volume 8
Chapter number #30

Costume Party is the 30th chapter of the Splatoon manga. It was first released on 15 December 2018.[1]


Team Blue goes to Wahoo World during a costume event, where everyone dresses up and compete Turf War. There they bump into Rider (literally) who is in disguise to do a favor for Aloha. Then they have a Turf War with Team Costume Lover, who Rider happens to be a member of. The battle takes place on Wahoo World, and the play-by-play is done by Off the Hook. Practically immediately, Goggles starts complaining about suddenly being thirsty, then one of the members of Team Costume Lover, Squinja, uses the new bomb, the Fizzy Bomb, and throws it at Goggles, who tries to catch and drink it. But he gets splatted by it. The other members of Team Blue goes to take the center of the stage, but Rider activates the new Special weapon, the Booyah Bomb and splats all of Team Blue with it. Except for Goggles, who landed of the front of a passing rollercoaster during a super jump. Just when Team Costume Lover wasn't expecting it, Goggles fell off the rollercoaster and landed on three of them, which knocks off their costumes. Leading them to become super depressed, saying they're no more than normal Inklings. Rider struggles and retrieved their costumes and resume the match. However, while he is doing this, Team Blue went nuts and painted the stage and splat all members of Team Costume Lover as they struggled to take back turf. While this is going on, Goggles uses his Splashdown on Rider while he was distracted. This knocks off Rider's helmet, revealing himself to Team Blue. Leading Team Blue to win the Turf War. Team Blue starts chatting with Rider and Aloha after the match and learn that Rider was only there to get Aloha another keychain, which is a really rare one won from winning a Turf War there, as Rider broke Aloha's previous one. At the end of the chapter it is revealed that two members from the X-rank team, X-Blood were spectating the match.


  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Headphones
  4. Specs
  • Team Costume Lover
  1. Squinja
  2. Robe
  3. Power Armor
  4. Knight(Rider)
  1. Pearl
  2. Marina


  • Interestingly, Goggles seems to have a sense of recognizing Rider, as his body "automatically moved for some reason" when he apologized to the "Knight" for bumping into him.