Chapter 46: Snapper Canal

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#45: Hero Mode 2, Part 2
Splatoon, Vol. 12
#47: The Adventure of Sheldon (1)

Snapper Canal
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Collected in Splatoon, Vol. 12
Chapter number 46

Snapper Canal is the forty-sixth chapter of the Splatoon manga.


Team Blue, including the recently recovered Glasses, arrives at Inkopolis Square and heads into Ammo Knights. They are greeted by Sheldon who returns Glasses' Octobrush, having finished maintenance on it. Team Blue is then challenged to a turf war on Snapper Canal by the Glasses Gang, which as the name suggests, is made up of characters with glasses (excluding Glasses this time around). Sheldon offers to serve as the match's referee and the game begins. The match initially goes poorly for Team Blue, as they are completely wiped multiple times. However, our heroes manage to come out on top when Goggles accidentally causes their opponents', and Glasses' for that matter, glasses to fog up from the hot tea he is carrying around. Team Blue then manages to win in their stereotypical chaotic manner. After declaring them the winner, Sheldon thinks to himself that Goggles is just the person to help him on a personal errand. As everyone leaves, he approaches Goggles, requesting that Goggles help him find his Grandfather's lost treasure. The chapter ends with three shadowy silhouettes declaring they will protect the treasure.