Chapter 11: Square

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#10 Gloves
Splatoon, Vol. 3
#12: Main Round

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Japanese title page
Debuted on 15 May 2017
Collected in Volume 3
Chapter number #11

Square is the eleventh chapter of the Splatoon manga. It was first released on 15 May 2017.


The Blue Team changes their gear and weapons fitting for the trend of Inkopolis Square. Gloves invites them to join the preliminaries of the Square King Cup, which decides the number one player of Inkopolis Square, and the extra prize is a shop, which can help the Blue Team rebuild the Crust Bucket Goggles destroyed with his Super Jump. The team's first opponent is the Hockey Team (Ikarus Team in Japanese).

The manga starts with Specs, Headphones, and Bobble Hat arriving in Inkopolis Square and they have already bought new clothes. Specs now has a Baby-Jelly Shirt & Tie and Smoky Wingtips, Headphones has a Slash King Tank and Red Hi-Horses and now wields a Splat Charger instead of the Classic Squiffer, and Bobble Hat has a Gray Hoodie. Specs starts panicking as Goggles is nowhere to be found, until Crusty Sean calms them down by giving the threesome food. Goggles then gets the other's attention from on top of Deca Tower. He went on top of it for a better view while he was exploring. Goggles then decides to super jump down to his team from the tower, but the height causes him to burn up, and he crashes into the Crust Bucket, destroying it. Goggles tries to apologize, with only Crusty Sean not forgiving him and telling him to put some clothes on first. Goggles then comes back from the Galleria with an Eggplant Mountain Coat on with his usual Goggles and Hero Runner Replicas, which the others say that it suits him. Crusty Sean then brings up the topic of how Goggles is going to pay for the repairs of his food truck, but Goggles does not have any more money and he only has jars of pickled plums. He tries to figure out how he will pay back Crusty Sean, and then Gloves shows up and welcomes them. He tells Goggles and the Blue Team that they can participate in the Square King Cup, which Gloves is already in the preliminaries, and the prize for the champions of the tournament is enough money to start a shop. The Blue Team sees that they can rebuild the Crust Bucket with the money and Goggles pulls Gloves' pants down as thanks. Gloves then scolds Goggles, and Headphones goes to apply her team for the preliminaries.

The announcer then says that the Blue Team will be facing off against the Hockey Team, with their leader Hockey and his teammates Striped Beanie, Vader Cap, and Headband. They have already been on a winning streak in the preliminaries, which worries the Blue Team as they still have not gotten used to their weapons yet, but Goggles gets their spirits back by having the team focus on having fun. Striped Beanie sees them rallying up, but Hockey assures him that they have the strongest formation. The announcer then explains Turf War and the overview of the stage, The Reef. Goggles is excited that they are having their first Turf War in Inkopolis Square. The Turf War starts, but the Blue Team are worried that they have no plan since they have never battled on the stage, so Specs has them split up and ink the turf. However, as they do, Specs gets quickly surrounded by the Hockey Team and is splatted. Soon, Headphones and Bobble are splatted by them as well. Hockey then introduces their tactic as the 4DS (4 Dead Shots) which Specs, Headphones, and Bobble Hat call lame, which shocks Hockey, but is surprised of Goggles liking it. Hockey and his team then surround Goggles, and his team tells him to Super Jump away. As he does, Hockey jumps from the bridge above to splat Goggles but he, unfortunately, gets hit right in the crotch as Goggles Super Jumps into him. After he gets back up, Hockey and the others try to surround Goggles once more, but Goggles stops them by introducing his team's formation, Blue Squid Acrobatics Team, which has Goggles, Headphones, and Bobble Hat all standing on top of Specs' Octobrush, but they soon fall over. Headphones then quickly splats Headband. Bobble Hat swims in the trail of ink Headphones left and splats Vader Cap. Specs then sneaks up behind Striped Beanie and splats him (only to see that no one saw him do it). Hockey, the only one remaining, is shocked on how strong they are despite never hearing about them from Inkopolis Plaza, but only hearing about the S4. He finds out from Gloves that the Blue Team beat all four of the S4, and Hockey is surprised. Goggles then gets the drop on Hockey, and splats him as the match ends, declaring the Blue Team the winners.

After their victory, the Blue Team goes on a winning streak and is now qualified for the tournament. Gloves congratulates them and sees that they have a chance in the finals (although he says that he will not lose), and shows them a video on his phone of a team that has been beaten by 99.9% by an Inkling named Emperor who has won the tournament for four years in a row. Goggles then says that they will not lose to Emperor, and he and Gloves' teams aim for the championships.


  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Specs
  4. Headphones
  1. Hockey
  2. Striped Beanie
  3. Vader Cap
  4. Headband


  • The stage is The Reef.
  • The Blue Team's side is always depicted by Little Judd now in Turf Wars.