Chapter 40: Vintage 1

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Splatoon, Vol. 11
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Vintage 1
Splatoon Manga chapter 40 cover.jpg
Japanese title page
Debuted on 15 October 2019
Collected in Splatoon, Vol. 11
Chapter number 40

Vintage 1 is the fortieth chapter of the Splatoon manga. It was first released on 15 October 2019.[1]


Team Blueperor and X-Blood are ready for their battle! Vintage says that his team will win, and Goggles says that his team won't lose. Goggles then asks why they want to win, and Emperor proudly responds that it is to fix Crusty Sean's shop. Emperor goes up to Specs, breaks the lenses of his glasses, and then puts them on. He says, "Your glasses will lead us to victory". Goggles says that he has a plan too, and it is to keep dodging. The match then starts. Team Blueperor try to take the tower first, but Vintage uses X-Zone and splats all of them. X-Blood takes control of the tower. Headphones attacks Vintage and keeps him away from the tower. Goggles and Bobble Hat go to take the tower, but Vintage says that he isn't the only X-ranker, and Omega uses X-Zone and splats them, then X-Blood keep moving the tower. Emperor then uses his Inkjet, and splats Red-Soled and Double Egg, stopping the tower at checkpoint 2. Vintage and Omega super-jump back to their spawn, and Vintage says that that is, "...more than enough." Team Blueperor then take the tower back, and successfully get past Checkpoint 1. Vintage says that they "...will fall before the X.", and X-Blood use X-Fall, splatting all of Team Team Blueperor. They don't take the tower and they let it return to its original position. When Team Blueperor go to take the tower again, Vintage attacks Goggles and says that Goggles will never be an X ranker, but then Goggles dodges Vintage's attack, surprising Vintage, and the rest of X-Blood. Goggles then says that he's moving up, and Vintage speculates if he means moving up to X-rank. Goggles then says again, "I'll move up to him…And…Pull Vintage's pants down!", proudly. Vintage looks angry and annoyed, and mostly everyone else is in shock.


  • Team Blueperor
  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Headphones
  4. Emperor
  1. Vintage
  2. Omega
  3. Red-Soled
  4. Double Egg
  1. Pearl
  2. Marina
  1. Skull
  2. Aloha
  3. Army
  4. Mask