Chapter 13: Inkfall

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#12: Main Round
Splatoon, Vol. 4
#14: Outcast Inklings


Japanese title page
Debuted on 15 July 2017
Collected in Volume 4
Chapter number #13

Inkfall is the thirteenth chapter of the Splatoon manga. It was first released on 15 July 2017.[1]


The formed S4 team prepares their battle mainly against Emperor's Team, but their first round in Block B is against a team called The Safari. Meanwhile, the Blue Team plans to watch that battle, but while Goggles was eating the dango, he bumps into Inkfall and accidentally makes his clothes dirty, engaging a battle for the first round in Block A.

The manga starts where the last chapter left off with Goggles seeing all of the S4 together as a team. Aloha tells them that they were invited as Emperor's guests of honor to Mask's dismay. Goggles is happy for them all together since he has a giant platter of dango with him so they can all eat. Skull sees that he may be fighting Emperor but wants to fight with the Blue Team again and Goggles hopes so too. The S4 then start their first round against their team, The Safari which is unseen but with Emperor watching already expecting what will happen. Rider and his team decide to go watch, Goggles wants to as well but Specs reminds him that they have a battle as well and Goggles quickly becomes serious. He starts heading to it while eating dango and with tons of it stuffed in his pockets until he ends up bumping into another Inkling with his dango, staining their shirt. The Inkling makes a big deal about it which the Blue Team try to say otherwise, the announcer sees "the competitors" arguing and the Blue Team now see who their competitors are: The Team Inkfall composing of Inkfall, Knit Hat, Arrow, and Vader. Inkfall tells them that they hate being dirty which the Blue Team tells them that Turf Wars are already messy with using ink, so they clear it up by saying they love to smear their enemies with it.

The Turf War soon starts in Musselforge Fitness and the Blue Team quickly get to the center and all of them attack the Inkfall Team, but to their surprise, the entire team dodged all their attacks due to their need of staying clean. They soon quickly splat the Blue Team and as they respawn and try to get back, Inkfall unleashes his special, an Ink Storm and soon splats all of the Blue Team again. As they respawn once again, Goggles tries to splat Inkfall by shooting from above but he ends up dropping his dango in the mix and Inkfall starts to dodge them all. As he keeps dodging, Inkfall bumps into Headphones who ends up knocking over Specs with her Splat Charger, then he knocks over Bobble who drops her Slosher. The Slosher accidentally hits Inkfall and soaks him with ink as he could not predict an accident, Inkfall decides to go home and Goggles tries to cheer him up by feeding him Dango. Now angry, Inkfall now starts charging with his team at the Blue Team and they do the same. Specs quickly splats Hat with his Octobrush, but he gets angry when no one notices him once again. Bobble then attacks Arrow and Lyvader by riding on Goggles through a row of Suction Bombs, the two Inkfall teammates try to run but Lyvader gets splatted by Headphones. The rest of the Inkfall Team go to surround Headphones, so Goggles super jumps to her to save her but the Inkfall Team already have him surrounded and will splat him when he lands. Gloves then reminds Goggles that his special his ready, so he activates as he lands, causing a Super Jump Splashdown right before the match ends and the Blue Team are now the winners.

The entire Inkfall Team are now drenched in ink from the Splashdown and are already upset about it as they try to clean themselves, Goggles tells them that being dirty is what Turf Wars are about and Inkfall soon sees that it is not bad to get dirty once in a while but he and his team promise that they will dodge next time they battle. The Blue Team see that the S4 won and their second round, now against Emperor, is starting. Goggles ends up needing to go to the bathroom from eating too much dango which has the rest of his team watch without him. As he returns, Goggles sees that the S4 lost against Emperor, shocking everyone.


  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Specs
  4. Headphones
  1. Team Inkfall
  2. Vader
  3. Arrow
  4. Knit Hat



  • The Blue Team's battle takes place in Musselforge Fitness.
  • This match has the first Splashdown Goggles does.