Chapter 48: The Adventure of Sheldon (2)

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#47: The Adventure of Sheldon (1)
Splatoon, Vol. 12
#49: The Adventure of Sheldon (3)

The Adventure of Sheldon (2)
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Collected in Splatoon, Vol. 12
Chapter number 48

The Adventure of Sheldon (2) is the forty-eighth chapter of the Splatoon manga.


After defeating the first guardian, Sheldon and Goggles are in high spirits. After traversing some difficult terrain with the help of Sheldon's inventions, the duo encounters the second guardian, an Inkling girl named Jet! Jet takes them to The Maze Dasher and like Fierce challenges Goggles to a duel. Jet demonstrates her mastery of the Dash Tracks and quickly gains the underhand. Goggles attempts to reverse the situation with a Splashdown, but Jet quickly counters with her own Splashdown. Eventually though, Goggles is able to overcome Jet with his typical unpredictability, and triumphs. Sheldon and Goggles receive the second key part and Jet calls the third guardian, who announces that he will test their knowledge.