Chapter 35: Arowana Mall

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#34: Goby Arena
Splatoon, Vol. 9
#36: Iromaki Rangers

Arowana Mall
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Japanese title page
Debuted on to be added
Collected in Volume 9
Chapter number #35

Arowana Mall is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Splatoon manga.


Team New Emperor are against X-Blood. Squidkid Jr. makes a Power Clam but Double Egg splats him. X-Blood scores a goal but doesn't throw in any clams because Vintage says that Team New Emperor would never score a goal. But then Team New Emperor uses Eminence Arrow to splat Double Egg and continues to use it. But soon they are surrounded and X-Blood uses X Fall. Team New Emperor were beaten by X Blood, unable to get a single Clam. Prinz cheers up Laceless afterwards and everyone gets ready for the next round.


  1. Skull
  2. Mask
  3. Aloha
  4. Rider
  • Team Blueperor
  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Headphones
  4. Emperor
  1. Iromaki Red
  2. Iromaki Green
  3. Iromaki Yellow
  4. Iromaki Purple