Chapter 45: Hero Mode 2, Part 2

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#44: Hero Mode 2, Part 1
Splatoon, Vol. 12
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Hero Mode 2, Part 2
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Collected in Splatoon, Vol. 12
Chapter number 45

Hero Mode 2, Part 2 is the forty-fifth chapter of the Splatoon manga.


The chapter opens with Goggles and Gloves being confronted by DJ Octavio and a brainwashed Callie. Using the Octobot King Mk 2, Octavio attacks with bombs, takoyaki, and his fists. As Goggles and Gloves do their best to dodge the Octobot's various attacks, Octavio summons Octarian troopers, who are much more power due to Callie's song. The situation is dire for Goggles and Gloves, the former of which has resorted to desperately flinging pickled plums, until help arrives in the form of Marie, Sheldon, Skull, and Vintage, who have been christened Agent 4.2 and 4.3 respectively. Much like in Splatoon 2's hero mode, Marie shoots the hypnoshades off of Callie and begins singing the Calamari Inkantation, which brings Callie back to her senses. Goggles and Gloves are then given a Rainmaker and hop on an ink rail in an attempt to reach Octavio. Octavio attempts to force them off, but it disrupted by the fact that his takoyaki was secretly replaced with onigiri by Goggles. DJ Octavio is then defeated with the Rainmaker, and everyone heads back to Octo Canyon's entrance. Callie and Marie thank the gang of Agents, while Sheldon reveals that the Gloves' house didn't have an electrical shortage, his breaker was just flipped. The gang then heads home, and are greeted with the site of the Great Zapfish wrapped around Deca Tower.