Chapter 17: Team Yellow-Green vs. Team Emperor, Part 2

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#16: Team Yellow-Green vs. Team Emperor, Part 1
Splatoon, Vol. 5
#18: Team Gloves, Part 1

Team Yellow Green vs. Team Emperor, Part 2
Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 8 cover.jpg
Japanese title page
Debuted on 15 November 2017
Collected in Volume 5
Chapter number #17

Team Yellow Green vs. Team Emperor, Part 2 is the seventeenth chapter of the Splatoon manga. It was first released on 15 November 2017.[1]


The Block B Semi-finals continue, as Emperor's Team avoided the two-part special attack from the Yellow-Green Team. Emperor uses his special weapon, the Inkjet, to hold the opposing team back. The Yellow-Green Team fights back to have fun in the end despite a desperate situation. Near the end of the battle, Rider splats Squidkid Jr., and is about to attack Emperor, when the battle ends. Team Emperor wins the battle. Emperor is later angry that his team didn't achieve absolute victory, as Team Yellow-Green wasn't in despair, and his team didn't achieve the usual 99.9% inked victory.


  1. Rider
  2. Stealth Goggles
  3. School Uniform
  4. Bamboo Hat
  1. Emperor
  2. Prinz
  3. Squidkid Jr.
  4. N-Pacer
  1. Pearl
  2. Marina
  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Specs
  4. Headphones