Chapter 34: Goby Arena

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Splatoon, Vol. 9
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Goby Arena
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Collected in Volume 9
Chapter number #34

Goby Arena is the thirty-fourth chapter of the Splatoon manga.


Rider replaces Army when he is injured, and temporarily is a member of the S4. They battle Team Inkfall and unfortunately, team S4 keeps arguing with each other, especially Rider and Aloha. Team Inkfall keeps on covering turf, but eventually, when Goggles cheers on them enough, they start to work as a team again. They beat Team Inkfall, and soon a battle is announced: Team New Emperor vs. Team X-Blood.


  • Team Blueperor
  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Headphones
  4. Emperor
  1. Skull
  2. Rider
  3. Mask
  4. Aloha
  1. Inkfall
  2. Kit Hat
  3. Arrow
  4. Vader