Chapter 44: Hero Mode 2, Part 1

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#43: Vintage 4
Splatoon, Vol. 11
#45: Hero Mode 2, Part 2

Hero Mode 2, Part 1
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Collected in Splatoon, Vol. 11
Chapter number 44

Hero Mode 2, Part 1 is the forty-fourth chapter of the Splatoon manga.


Gloves is blow-drying his tentacles, when his house runs out of electricity. He rushes out of his house to find electricity for his tentacle-do. He goes to Ammo Knights, where Goggles and Sheldon are, and asks for electricity. Sheldon tells him that his shop is a weapon shop and not an electricity shop, when a sign shows up saying that there is electricity, with an arrow pointing to the manhole that leads to Octo Canyon. Gloves and Goggles go down the manhole and wind up in Octo Canyon. They see Marie, and she tells them that the Octarians have stolen the Zapfish again, after Goggles and Gloves fight some Octarians. Marie then gives them the hero gear, and she names Goggles 'Agent 3' and Gloves 'Agent 4'. They then go on to fight the first boss, the Octo Oven. In the boss fight, Goggles says that he likes rice more than bread, and Gloves says that he's more of a bagel person, angering the Octo Oven. The Octo Oven attacks them, until Goggles gets an idea. He spreads chocolate on the Octo Oven's bread, which calms the Octo Oven. Gloves then starts spreading cream on it as well, and Goggles spreads jam on the Octo Oven. They then defeat the Octo Oven and get their first Zapfish. They then go on more missions, getting more Zapfish. They then meet with Marie again, and she tells them that Callie has gone missing. Goggles and Gloves then try to help her look for Callie, when they hear someone speaking through Marie's radio. The audio is bad, so they can't hear what the person is saying, so they try to guess. Then Callie appears hanging from an Octocopter, and she tells them to "Leave now", and everyone is surprised. Since she accidentally came too close because talking through the radio was so bad, the Octocopter flies away with her. Goggles and Gloves grab on to her, and they all fall into the last boss kettle. Callie then goes to her spot on the Octobot King II, and is mad at herself for bringing Goggles and Gloves there. DJ Octavio appears, and he says that he "remixed Callie's brain", and starts to attack Gloves and Goggles.