Chapter 43: Vintage 4

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Splatoon, Vol. 11
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Vintage 4
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Collected in Splatoon, Vol. 11
Chapter number 43

Vintage 4 is the forty-third chapter of the Splatoon manga.


The match has entered overtime, and the moment that X-Blood takes the tower, the match would end, and they would win. Vintage goes to attack Goggles with X-Zone, and Goggles fights Vintage with Squid Lightning Jet Attack. They both splat each other, and X-Blood is surprised that Vintage got hit. The rest of Team Blue-per go on to protect the tower, and they make it back to the center of the stage. They keep advancing, and Bobble Hat and Headphones switch places. X-Blood goes to stop Team Blue-per, and Goggles attacks Double-Egg, with Emperor splatting Double-Egg. Headphones and Omega then splat each other, and Red-Soled tries to go up the tower, but is splatted by a Suction Bomb, with Bobble Hat riding the tower. Vintage splats Bobble Hat, but Headphones quickly takes control of the tower. Vintage then tells his team a way to work together, and he knows that his teammates are X-rank and is happy because of the fact. Team Blue-Per pass Checkpoint 3, but Headphones gets splatted by Omega, and she tries to take control of the tower, but she is quickly splatted by Emperor. He takes control of the tower but is hit right after. Vintage goes to take control of the tower, but he sees a super jump landing marker, and he realizes that his team might lose the match. He then accepts losing, because Team Blueperor love the game as much as his team, the X-Blood, do. Goggles then super jumps to the tower, uses Splashdown, and splats Vintage. He takes control of the tower and rides it to the goal, and the match ends. Team Blueperor win the Square King Ranked Cup, and Goggles wishes for them to fight again. Vintage wishes that he discovered teamwork before and says that his team will not lose. Skull comes and says that he made his team because he also wanted to fight X-Blood, and Vintage says that next time, his team will be an X-Rank team. Crusty Sean then fixes his shop again, and everyone has a big party in the Square, with all of the teams that participated enjoying the party.


  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Headphones
  4. Emperor
  1. Vintage
  2. Omega
  3. Red-Soled
  4. Double Egg