Chapter 47: The Adventure of Sheldon (1)

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Splatoon, Vol. 12
#48: The Adventure of Sheldon (2)

The Adventure of Sheldon (1)
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Collected in Splatoon, Vol. 12
Chapter number 47

The Adventure of Sheldon (1) is the forty-seventh chapter of the Splatoon manga.


Goggles and Sheldon are traveling through Mt. Nantai on a motorbike. Goggles asks about what they are searching for, and Sheldon explains that they are searching for a treasure left by his grandfather. They are stopped by a mysterious Inkling boy named Fierce, who explains that he is the treasure's guardian, and they must defeat him in Turf War in order to get it. Sheldon accepts the challenge, and gets Goggles to fight on his behalf. Fierce takes them to Cannon Fire Pearl and explains the stage. The battle then begins as Goggles soon learns that the cannons on the stage are set to fire randomly. This combined with Fierce's incredible agility initially puts Goggles on the back foot. Goggles fights back by demonstrating his own agility, and eventually comes out on top. Fierce awards Sheldon and Goggles with a key part, and explains that there are two more guardians they must defeat to get all parts of the key, with said key being their ticket to the treasure. The chapter ends with the next guardian being teased.