Chapter 33: Worker's Head Towel

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#32: Ranked Battle Cup
Splatoon, Vol. 9
#34: Goby Arena

Worker's Head Towel
Splatoon Manga chapter 33 cover.jpg
Japanese title page
Debuted on 15 March 2019
Collected in Volume 9
Chapter number #33

Worker's Head Towel is the thirty-third chapter of the Splatoon manga. It was first released on 15 March 2019.[1]


The Square King Ranked Cup has begun and various teams have gathered at Skipper Pavilion to hang up their prayers. Among the participating teams are Teams Blueperor, Gloves, Eight, S4 and X-Blood. Vintage of Team X-Blood approaches Skull and asks him why is he still in S+, who replies that he is stronger than before. Not believing him, Vintage tells him that everyone who is ranked S and below is trash, smacking the ema of the pavilion which causes some of the prayers to fall. Worried that they will be cursed, Goggles speeds ahead to put the fallen prayers back to the ema. He tells Vintage that it does not matter what one's rank is as long as anyone can have fun, but he claims that it is impossible to beat him and his ranked X companions as they leave the scene.

The first round is about to start to various teams. Team Blueperor's opponent is Team Worker's Head Towel. The battle takes place on Piranha Pit and the mode is Clam Blitz. The battle starts as Team Blueperor scores a goal. While they were doing this though, Goggles throws a Power Clam at Emperor's face but still scores. They continually throw clams until Team Worker's Head Towel splats them. They start scoring and protect themselves with Buzzcut Towel's Tenta Brella but this fails when Goggles splats them with Splashdown. They eventually defeat them and they accept their request of carrying their spirit on. Teams Gloves and Eight have successfully won their first rounds as well, and up next is Team S4's battle. However, just like Specs, Army got injured by insects during his trip to gather curry ingredients. Headphones wonders who is taking his place, only for Rider to reveal that he is the replacement since he is also S+.


  • Team Blueperor
  1. Goggles
  2. Bobble Hat
  3. Headphones
  4. Emperor
  • Team Worker's Head Towel
  1. Towel Buzzcut
  2. Towel Hipster
  3. Towel Topknot
  4. Towel Slick
  1. Vintage
  2. Omega
  3. Red-Soled
  4. Double Egg
  1. Eight
  2. Seven
  3. Burns
  4. Ponytail
  1. Skull
  2. Rider
  3. Mask
  4. Aloha