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Template invocation of Module:SiteColor.

Produces an RGB triplet color value using Inkipedia site colors.



theme Unnamed. The theme ID for the color to use. Must be one of the following:
  •   Generic
  •   Octo Expansion
  •   Salmon Run
  •   Side Order
  •   NIWA
  •   Splatoon
  •   Splatoon 2
  •   Splatoon 3
  •   Any other value, including unspecified



<span style="color: rgb({{SiteColor|Splatoon 2}});">Sample text</span>

For use in templates with an optional color parameter:

style=" background:rgb({{#if:{{{color|}}}|{{{color}}}|{{SiteColor|Generic}}}}); " 


Sample text

Class Example

You may also use Site Color's defined classes directly.

These are defined in MediaWiki:SiteColor.css. If this needs updating, please ask one of the interface administrators.

{| class="wikitable sitecolor-niwa"
! Column 1
! Column 2
| Example || Value
Column 1 Column 2
Example Value
<div class="site-color-background-generic site-color-text-generic">Sample Generic Text</div>
<div class="site-color-background-shadow-niwa site-color-text-niwa">Sample NIWA Text</div>
<div class="site-color-background-shadow-s site-color-text-s">Sample S Text</div>
Sample Generic Text
Sample NIWA Text
Sample S Text