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Display Name: Ear Cheese
Level: 16
Rank: C+ (36)
Cash: Cash 327,546
Favorite Ink Color: ALL OF THEM
Super Sea Snails: Super Sea Snails 60
Nintendo Network ID: RektReturns
Playing Since: June 19th, 2015


Conspiracy #1:

ShrimpPin is a well known administrator on this website.

ShrimpPin. Let's break those words apart. What do we get? Yes. Shrimp Pin. Shrimp. A shrimp is a kind of underwater creature. Pin. A pin is a kind of pointy metal thingy.

ShrimpPin's real name is Ned. Ned. Think of Ned Needlefish from the famous television program Spongebob Squarepants. Fish. A fish is a kind of underwater creature. Needle. A needle is a kind of pointy metal thingy.

So, let me ask you, does this mean anything? Is our fellow ShrimpPin hiding anything from us? We may never know...

Conspiracy #2:

Everybody has been wondering when Nintendo will release the Octolings to be playable.

Well I have the answer:

Octo-lings will be available in Octo-ber. *mind blown*


July 4, 2015   Dog King Reward: Super Sea Snails 24
July 18, 2015   Rollercoaster King Reward: Super Sea Snails 24
August 7, 2015   Marshmallow Champion Reward: Super Sea Snails 16
August 28, 2015   Decepticon Fanboy Reward: Super Sea Snails 4
September 19, 2015   Team Science Reward: IT HASN'T STARTED