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Kamabo Co. Easter egg

In the belly Phase of the octo expansion, you will see falling blocks with sanitized octarians watching a video that says "1+1=*Kamabo Co. Eye logo*". I wonder what it means. \/\/00|\/|¥*~($P|_@+|\|€R|]@G€|\|+4)~*\/€€|\/|0 (talk) 00:30, 13 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

That is a cool Easter egg but I have no idea what it means. £|_@|\/|1232S2 Weapon Main Hero Roller Lv. 2.png(Talk) 13:46, 4 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Actually I have a theory but it is not canon £|_@|\/|1232S2 Weapon Main Hero Roller Lv. 2.png(Talk) 20:31, 4 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

I'm not sure how to see it, I'm kinda new here. _ _


Thanks in advance! SplatNerdAgent4 (talk) 13:38, 5 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

I wanna hear the theory, please. \/\/00|\/|¥*~($P|_@+|\|€R|]@G€|\|+4)~*\/€€|\/|0 (talk) 23:45, 5 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

I think it is part of the sanitization. The octarians brains are wiped, then they lose their true coloring, and their free will. Hence “sanitization”. Then they are reprogrammed to serve Kamabo co. completely by teaching them that everything comes from, and turns into, Kamabo co. That is my theory. If given time, I might be able to develop my theory further, but not at this very second. Signing of for now, from the land of 60° midwinter days, it’s a me, the one and only £|_@|\/|1232S2 Weapon Main Hero Roller Lv. 2.png(Talk) 02:13, 6 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

That's a good theory! \/\/00|\/|¥/Woomy$₽|_@+|\|€R|]@G€|\|+4/SplatNerdAgent4\/€€|\/|0/Veemo (Talk) 22:44, 24 March 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Kamabo Co. Logo looks...

In the Hikara Walker magazine, the Kamabo Co. logo is said to resemble poop. Yes, really. I was thinking, should we add that into trivia? It's definitely interesting. Thanks in advance, Woomy$₽|_@+|\|€R|]@G€|\|+4Veemo Octoben.jpeg (Chat-Contribz-Talk-RP) 01:07, 7 February 2021 (UTC)[reply]

@SplatNerdAgent4 Hah! Sure, there's no problem with adding that. Just make sure to include the fact that HaikaraWalker said that (preferably with a page number citation). 💩💩💩 Heddy (talk) 01:38, 7 February 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Lol, why did ninten even do this? Does it have a use?--Astor File:Astor.png Prinz.png 19:38, 7 February 2021 (UTC)[reply]
your body absorbs all the nutrients THEN remove the residue by pooping. the logo probably refers to the supreme DNA on tartar or the ooze on the NILS cannon, that's made by blending the smartest octolings and inklings. Your body doesn't mush all the food into paste! Hot dogs do! Greasy Hot Dog (talk) 12:10, 21 April 2022 (UTC)[reply]