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Hello user! My name is Ink Me Up!. The reason I made an account is because I wanted to edit the "Blog:Splatfest Ideas"page. But then I realized I had to edit my user page, so here we are. I only have Splatoon 3. My friend code is SW-0184-5862-0424(Tell me in the discussion if whoever is reading this right now wants to play with me. I won’t accept an name I don’t know). My character is an Inkling Boy with the Slick hairstyle. That's me! (^v^)

Down here I'm going to list my stats and other info on me.

Level: 22

Catalog Level:73

Rank:C- 187p

Salmon Run Next Wave Level: Profreshinal +1

Cash: 3000 something.

Super Sea Snails: 21

Return of The Mammalians: 100%

My little buddy's name: Twitch (He has the Mohawk hairstyle)

My favorite weapons: Sloshing Machine, Tenta Brella, and Nautilus 47

My favorite stages: Hagglefish Market and Wahoo World

My favorite level in Return of the Mammalians: The Path to Perfect Penmanship.

Fun Fact: The reason I called myself "Ink Me Up!" is because it fits Splatoon theme. What I didn't know is that my name is also a Squid Sisters track!

Awards/Barnsquids are down here.

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