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Hello! I'm Jer455 and welcome to my user page!

I first joined Inkipedia on June 7, 2015. I started off revamping and adding lots of things to a few of the stage pages.

I'm not active on the wiki these days, but feel free to look around! :)

Splatoon 2 Stuffs

Display Name: Jerence
Level: 35
Splat Zones: S+7
Tower Control: S+6
Rainmaker: S+12
Favorite Ranked Mode: Tower Control
Playing Since: July 21, 2017
Last Updated: July 31, 2017

Splatoon Stuffs

Nintendo Network ID: Jer455
Display Name: Jerence
Level: 50
Rank: S+ (71)
Favorite Ranked Mode: Splat Zones
Playing Since: May 29th, 2015
Last Updated: December 21st, 2015

Favorite stages

Image Stage Rank Description
S Stage Blackbelly Skatepark.png Blackbelly Skatepark 3 Blackbelly Skatepark is a stage based around a skate park. It includes a curved landscape with multiple raised locations.
S Stage Port Mackerel.png Port Mackerel 1 Port Mackerel was revealed in a picture from the Splatfest side selection screen and in the Official Splatoon Guide, and was later made available on June 1st, 2015, making it the first map available through downloadable content. It consists of low passages and high platforms in a container yard.
S Stage Walleye Warehouse.png Walleye Warehouse 2 Walleye Warehouse is a stage based around a warehouse. It takes place primarily indoors, and includes multiple boxes and platforms that must be avoided. This is one of the two stages that was in the Splatoon Global Testfire.
S Stage Flounder Heights.png Flounder Heights 5 Flounder Heights is a map set on an apartment complex with many high vantage points and low, corner-based areas. The large amount of walls and the height of the buildings are what makes Flounder Heights so large.
S Stage Museum d'Alfonsino.png Museum d'Alfonsino 4 Museum d'Alfonsino takes place in an open art museum courtyard with many rotating platforms.

Splatfest Teams

# Team Reason Rank Win/Lose
1st Team Dog I like dogs better than cats. Dog King Win
2nd Team Roller Coasters I like the thrill of riding coasters! Roller Coaster King Win
3rd Team Marshmallow S'mores for life! Marshmallow King Win
4th Team Autobots Go Team Singing! Autobots King Lose
5th Team Science I'm a science and math nerd! (And art...and writing....and reading....and band....) Science King Lose
6th Team Plane Travel in the air, what more could you ask for? Plane Champion Lose
7th Team Pirate ♪We be pirates we love to sail the seven seas, just a bunch'a scallywags who are as free as we can be!♪ Pirate Champion Win
8th Team Hamburger Why not? You can get it and eat it quicker than pizza! Hamburger Champion Win
9th Team Nice Green, my favorite color! Nice Champion Lose
10th Team Future Jet packs and flying cars, mostly. Future Champion Lose
11th Team [Pokemon] Red My GBC Pokemon Game! Red King Win
12th Team Snowman At least I can make a snowman (#teamwinter). Snowman Champion Lose
13th Team Patrick Not much to say here Patrick King Win
14th Team Fancy Party A costume party doesn't suit my fancy. Fancy King Win
15th Team Night Owl I stay up a lot, usually past midnight. Night Owl Champion Win
15th Team Marie I just generally like Marie better; she usually comes up with the best banter. (Didn't get to play) Win
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