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Helllllo person who is looking at my user page!! (Sorry bout mi spelling BTW) I'm OCTOd2 (I used to hav accounts as OCTOD2 and octod2, but I kiiinda forgot my PW to those. Blame my memory, not me! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Splatoon 2 and 3 , I play on regular switch, and I am like lvl 52 in splatoon 2 when I wrote this

i got splatoon 3 :D

im lvl 33 rn, my main is tha dapples! I sometimes use the squiffer

HeLp HoW dO yOu Be A gOoD SnIpEr

My MoSt KiLlS aS a SnIpEr Is 11. OwO

I beat hero mode already, currently working on 1000%ing it!

im in Profresonal+3 in salmon run

I beat inner agent 3 hardest fight of my lifez

I hav a sandbox its mostly ded i work on it rarely(here's tha link, I just finished Chapter 6)

im getting tha Sploon3 amiibo

meh rank is S

i hav won all of the saloon 4 splatfests so far:

i was team rock, i was team gear, and i was team water (WATER IS SUPERIOR) LETS GOO TEAM SWEET and i was team white chocolate :3

also white chocolate is awesome :DDDDDDSDD

so i can say i have won all the splatfests in splatoon 3 so far :D


i think the dlc is gonna be about agent 8 and them getting there memory back

yeah This is about it

OCTOd2 Sanitized Seastone.jpg
Name in-game: Lupa (or nightwolf)
Level: Splatoon 2: 55 Splatoon 3: 33
Super Sea Snails: Splatoon 2: 34, Splatoon 3: ummm like 6?
Coins: Splatoon 2: Like 9999999 or somethin Splatoon 3: Poor. Very poor.
Splat Zones: Rank S+0 spaltoon 3 ( shared rank : S+ 2)
Tower Control: Rank A- ugh worst mode EVER
Rainmaker: Rank A- its ok ig
Clam Blitz: Rank S+ MY FAVE LOVE IT idk why people don't like it, its awesom!
Salmon Run: Professional 110, highest 225, splatoon 3 : executive VP
Octo Canyon: Entire thing completed,

hero dualies, charger replica , splatting replica, and hero shot replica gotten.

Octo Expansion: Complete, without skips! I BEAT INNER AGENT 3 HARDEST FIGHT OF MY LIFE EVEN MR GRIZ WASENT THAT HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!