User:Raltseye/List of Splatfests in other languages

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Callie Marie French German Italian Spanish
 Rock  Pop Rock Pop Rock Pop Rock Pop Rock Pop
 Eating  Sleeping
 North Pole  South Pole
 Singing  Dancing
 Messy  Tidy
 Cats  Dogs
 Zombies  Ghosts
 Pro-pineapple  Anti-pineapple
 Fit  Rich
 Barbarian  Ninja
 Pokémon Red  Pokémon Blue
 Hoverboard  Jet Pack
 SpongeBob  Patrick Bob Patrick SpongeBob Patrick Bob Esponja Patricio
 Black Tie Event  Fancy Dress Party
 World Tour  Space Adventure
 Callie  Marie Ayo Oly Aioli Limone Stella Marina Mar Tina
Pearl Marina
 Cake  Ice Cream
 Mayo  Ketchup
 Flight  Invisibility
 Front Roll  Back Roll
 Warm Breakfast  Cold Breakfast
 Film  Book
 Action  Comedy
 Gherk-OUT  Gherk-IN