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Minifest Before: Nouveau vs. Neo

Minifest After: S2 Promo Fest

S1 Battle Dojo Fest
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My second minifest! The theme will be based off of the S1 Battle Dojo! See below on how to join!

How to join

1. Enter my friend code: 4971-5307-7990. My ign is YOLO2020.

2. Sign up below!

3. Password for the lobby: 3769

4. I will use discord to communicate during the fest.

Stages and Ink Colors


1. The Reef (in place of Urchin Underpass)
2. Walleye Warehouse
3. Arowana Mall
4. Skipper Pavilion (in place of Saltspray Rig)
5. Blackbelly Skatepark

Ink Colors

1. Hana vs. Dango
2. Front Roll vs. Back Roll
3. Money vs. Love
4. New Lifeform vs. Future Tech
5. Gherk-OUT vs. Gherk-IN
6. Airhead vs. Wisecracker
7. Action vs. Comedy
8. Flight vs. Invisibility


You are allowed to use the following gear sets:

Headgear Clothing Shoes
Studio Headphones White Tee Pink Trainers
Skate Helmet Yellow Urban Vest Orange Lo-Tops
Retro Specs Baby-Jelly Shirt Blue Slip-Ons
Takoroka Mesh Black Squideye White Kicks
Bobble Hat Green Zip Hoodie Moto Boots
Paintball Mask Gray College Sweat Zombie Hi-Horses
Safari Hat Black Baseball LS Red Work Boots
Pilot Goggles Zink Layered LS Purple Hi-Horses



1. CANNOT wear Splatfest Tee Replica.

2. Your Inkling must have the customization options from Splatoon.

3. 10 people max (2 spectators. I will rotate the spectators).

4. NO Squidpartying or Squiddbagging.

5. There will a 30 minute break starting at 3:00.

6. If you are unable to join but you already signed up, tell me in my talk page that you can't show up.

7. If I disconnect for some odd reason, I will shortly reopen the lobby (the password will be the same).

8. If you have friends who want to join, tell me their ign so I know who to accept the friend request.


  1. YOLO2020
  2. ChessMaster