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I have translated the original japanese scripts into romaji and I want you to take a look. The romaji is using calibri font with colour coded letters (black and teal is marina, light pink is pearl) and the japanese scripts are painfully reread from the booklet I received with it.

Please consider it so that you don't spread misinformation (seriously, why did you think there was a 'ka' inbetween re and me?) Pinkolol16 (talk) 10:36, 1 December 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

render the above invalid

what I mean by audible differences, in Ebb and Flow, during Marina's scat singing Pearl in the background can be heard singing some of the lyrics repeated previously (I've listened closely, she gets up to 'taimaska' again then repeats 'riva' again during Marina's scat), yet this isn't in the booklet. Also not in the booklet is another verse to Acid Hues, the beginning with "sharami sharami sharamiyo migattanonisou" (Pearl's line) is either given more emphasis (at the end) or the 'sou' becomes a 'cho' you can hear it in the song that it's different from the beginning yet this isn't in the booklet either (but yes, is in the ost version) that straight after the last line of "saifai zatsugeronto fainaibai" they sing the beginning again with the emphasis mentioned, then it goes back to the actual beginning where it does sound like the original 'sou' the booklet mentions but the extra verse isn't put into the booklet.... should we mention something about this, it's quite a noticeable difference.

anyway i already put the romaji up you can hack at it if there's something missing but don't start thinking 'so' is 'n' :P Pinkolol16 (talk) 12:47, 17 December 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Translated Interview

I translated Marina's interview (via Google Translate) and here it is: Yida (Tentacle)

Two persons unit · Tentacle's of Hime (MC / Vocal) and Ida (DJ / Truck Maker / Vocal). As well as the face of "Hikara News", as well as many songs that club music was digested broadly and boldly, in the festival the city and the battle are stained with their colors. I talked about productions to Yida who is the core of sound.

について Please tell me about the flow of songwriting by Tentacle's.

First of all, I will play chord progression with chord rhythm of about 4 bars. At first, it is rather thick, or it is a feeling that after deploying it by putting together a large number of sounds, I will develop it by inserting it in and out. Melody and lyric are even further.

て Will you make a lap portion of Mr. Hiime at that time?

No, rap is a round throw to Senpai including lyrics. I just decide the composition.

どの How do you record rap and vocal?

First of all, I will complete the take of the vocal part of Watashi until I feel comfortable at home. I always will be told that Senpai "Isida, Kampekiism! Overdoing!" (Laugh). After that we go into the studio and record the lap of the Senpai. I am always surprised, but almost one take, sometimes I will do two take. "I'm exhausted already, are you okay now?" But it's just patchy. A sense of speed that I can not absolutely show in myself ... ....

について About musical background. Are there any influenced artists?

It is a schools! It is in tune with the producer Shy-Ho-Shy, but I love you ... It sounds like a preoccupation. I can do it for a while in this story (laugh). About the effect that the melody of the "Shiokara clause" that was covered is only one place, the scales are purposely removed. The schools are definitely the roots of me. However, even if you stand upright, I can not make such a world for me. I think that I'd like to make "Tentacles' like" with Himesepaai with the sound of becoming me.

Beyond tribes and words Being the greatest thing about music

と Speaking of the schools, they cover their "Ima Nura Never!"

Yes, from Senpai "After all, I have to do this without closing!" I'm leaving you to say that the Shio Collazes version is also a cover (of Squid Squad), I'm very much afraid to you, 'I do not mind, but vocals are Senpai please ...'. But it was a lot of fun making trucks. I do harmonize the effect so that I do not feel lonely even by a vocal crowd.

⏺ "Ultra · Color Pulse" is a song that symbolizes the festival of HiKara Square now.

"Festival of the future will be like this, please make songs that aggregate everyone" and the gleaming lighting that was drawn on the sketch handed down by Mr. Eventer is very impressive. Let's say "Let's do it" when asking "Send a signal from the equipment and move the light according to the tempo?" I imagined it and was excited and made a riff. To the streets and customers seen from the stage, I'm surely getting aged.

に There are also in this song, but the characteristic feature of Ida's truck are the artistic sounds and phrases that sometimes appear. Some kind of abruptness, there is a feeling of chopping, but what is the intention?

That's what I say quite often, but as I am doing it quite naturally ... .... It is certainly preferred to cut off the sound in accordance with the beat and cut it without leaving a finish on it. What is DNA in me? It seems like something like that will do.

⏺ "Full Throttle / Tentacle" is contrasting with the first half like a frightening and lyrical, the second half with movement.

I'm scared. Because the so-called "delicious" part gets accustomed if it keeps going on for a long time, I decided to save it later, so I dare dare to go on next "not enough". Yes, I remembered! In the latter part of it, I and I will take vocals alternately. Senpai, when suddenly snuffed while recording, saying "Ida, do it alone!" I was ashamed to sing somehow properly. It was rare, and what took take also (laugh).

From Mr. Hi me, is there a request for a truck made by Mr. Ida?

There is a mess. I do not need a request ... .... "Something is wrong!" Or "It is hard to wrap". At that time I will be dented, but I often listen to it myself well, I certainly think that it is right. If you send it with that, it will say "I do not expect it, it's awesome!" I can not stop it ~ is not it?

どの From now on, what kind of evolution will the Tentacles take in the future?

I'd like to take advantage of each of the strengths of each of us and to aggrese everyone of Hikara Square steadily! Not only that, I'd like to actively release tracks like mellows or chillouts. I think that the greatest merit of music may be that, but I think that it will be beyond the differences between races and words. Responding to someone I have not met yet, I personally thinking about making such a track.

A translation about the Notes from composers

Do someone have a translation of those? I would like to see them, and well, I think that those would fit well in the page. Even if it is a rough translation by Google Traductor in the meantime while someone finds/makes a better one, which I would do, but I don't have the Notes on text to copy and paste them there, so... --Kirbeat (talk) 05:38, 20 August 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Missing Interview.

I have noticed that the interview with Pearl from Splatune 2 is completely absent from this article, as the ones with Marina and Wet Floor are here but not her's for some reason. So can someone possibly find the accurate translation of it and add it and its original Japanese version here? P.J. GT(talk) 21:09, 27 October 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The interview with Pearl is from Octotune. The Japanese version and the translation are here Octotune (Splatoon 2 Original Soundtrack)#Pearl Interview.  GX_64 (talk)  22:47, 27 October 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]