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I am a massive fan of Splatoon. I am particularly interested in the lore. I have never played the first Splatoon since I do not have a Wii U. I have been reading Inkipedia since I first got Splatoon 2 and have found it really useful. I created an account and started editing a few months before Splatoon 3 came out.

Switch friend code (please let me know if you add me): SW-4764-4839-1583

Squid Beatz 2 Records (please add Squid Beatz to Splatoon 3!!!)

Track no. Track Normal Hard
1 Inkoming! Gold
2 Rip Entry Silver
3 Undertow Silver
4 Don't Slip Gold Silver
5 Endolphin Surge Silver
6 Now or Never! Silver
7 Turf Master Silver
8 Ink Another Day Gold Gold
9 Low Tide Silver Silver
10 Octo Canyon Gold Silver
11 Octo Eight-Step Gold Silver
12 The Girl from Inkopolis Gold
13 Buoyant Boogie Gold Silver
14 Shooting Starfish Gold
15 Octarmaments Silver
16 Bomb Rush Blush Silver
17 Tidal Rush Silver
18 Spicy Calamari Inkantation Silver
19 Fresh Start Silver Silver
20 Color Pulse Silver Silver
21 Ebb & Flow Gold
22 Acid Hues Gold
23 Muck Warfare Silver
24 Now or Never! Gold Silver
25 Fest Zest Gold Silver
26 Party's Over Gold Silver
27 Inkopolis News Gold Silver
28 New You Silver
29 Without a Dop Doubt Silver
30 Dubble Bath (DIY Remix) Silver Silver
31 Happy Little Workers Silver
32 Deluge Dirge Silver
33 Fishing Frenzy Silver
34 Ever Further Gold
43 Shipwreckin' Silver
44 Fins & Fiddles Gold
45 Seafoam Shanty
46 Broken Coral Silver
47 Riptide Rupture
48 Blitz It! Gold
49 Wave Prism Gold
50 Frantic Aspic Silver
51 Seasick Gold
52 Kinetosis Silver
53 Chopscrewey Silver
54 Entropical Silver
80 Nasty Majesty Silver
81 Shark Bytes Gold
82 Splattack! (Octo)
83 Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow (Octo) Silver
84 Into the Light Silver Silver

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