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Churro vs Frozen Yogurt
Expected Time:
May 15th at 11:00 AM PST
Color Set:
Fam vs. Friend
Turf Inked Percent Average:

Since some people used the talk page here, I might need to specify on the page: Please do NOT use the talk page for this page! I won't get the notification, and I might deny your friend request! Please use my user pages' talk page! User talk:Octokid?IDKilikeittho

Oh hey I just realized what I want my next minifest to be! Since I like, speedrun Octo Expansion levels sometimes (user for my speedruns is OctoBeanie if you wanted to know), I want to know if people like casual playthroughs or prefer to go fast. The next minifest will be Casual vs. Speedrun (unless like, I have to switch the names because the colors don't align i'm pretty sure there's a splatfest with a red and green palette)


The Minifest

So I'm hosting a Minifest

I'm planning on hosting it on a weekend that can work with my schedule. If you voted before I close(d) the voting for playing, get ready to see some glitz, shine and gold with the ink colors.


Whoever wants to join must do one of the two methods below:

1. Friend me, of course! Friend code: SW-7914-4909-9280

Method 1. Put in their name C for Churro or FY for Frozen Yogurt.

Method 2. Tell me in my talk page which team they want to join and their switch name.

2. If everything has been done correctly, they will be able to participate in the minifest!

IF you already have me added, Method 1 is no longer viable and you must use Method 2

Current Participators


Me, A.K.A. Chaotica

User:Prinz the overlord A.K.A. Queenie


User:Fancy squid

Frozen Yogurt

User:ChessMaster A.K.A. BLZ*Jimmy



User:Yawshi Fan



ChessMaster made these so very much thankie!

Well really only the barnsquid-

Churro Barnsquid.png Churro Supporter's Barnsquid
This barnsquid goes to (your username goes here)

for picking Churro in Octokid?IDKilikeittho's first ever Minifest!

Frozen Yogurt Barnsquid.png Frozen Yogurt Supporter's Barnsquid
This barnsquid goes to (your username goes here)

for picking Frozen Yogurt in Octokid?IDKilikeittho's first ever Minifest!

Stay fresh! -Memianne (again, this is not my real name, just one I made up for my Octoling.)