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Hi I’m Fancy squid,I splatoon 2. And my switch name is Toni :D

I don't really know what to add to this wiki at the moment.

I made a fire emblem wiki account named Emblem Dragon so check that out if you want.

Toni .jpg

Other games I play

  • Animal Jam Play Wild (My username is Rin the tired)
  • Animal crossing
  • Miitopia switch
  • Pokemon Shield
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  • New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
  • Kirby Star Allies
  • Gatcha Club
  • Dragon Raja
  • Genshin Impact

My Inkling

Skin:Second Lightest

Hair:Double Bun

Eye Color:Purple

Headgear:Squid Hair Clip

Clothing:Hula Punk Shirt or Green Cardigan

Leg Wear:Skirt

Shoes:Punk Blacks

My Favorite Weapons

Shooters: Kensa .52 Gal,Splash-o-Matic Neo,and Custom Splattershot jr

Blasters: Kensa Rapid Blaster,and Luna Blaster

Rollers: Flingza Roller,Carbon Roller Deco,and Hero Roller Replica

Brushes: Permanent Inkbrush,and Kensa Octobrush

Dualies: Splat Dualies,Kensa Splat dualies,and Clear Dapple Dualies

Brellas: Under Cover Brella,Kensa Under Cover Brella,and Tenta Brella

Buckets:deco bucket

I'm not very good at most weapons but I'm trying very hard to improve but I'm not there yet.

My Battle Details

  • My level is 38.
  • I have completed hero mode with most of the hero weapons.
  • My rank in salmon run is Overacheiver.
  • All of ranks are all B+ except for tower control witch is A-.
  • I have 100% octo expansion.
Mode My Rank
Rainmaker B+
Clam Blitz B+
Splat Zones B+
Tower Control A-

My Sandbox

I draw my OC's here,(You can use them with permission.)

My Other Favorites

Things Favorite
Stage Fancy spew
Weapon Flingza Roller
Character Annie
Song Sucker Punch
splatfest Fancy Party v.s. Dinner Party


Here are the splatfests I was in,the team that won are in Bold

Splatfest My Team
Ketchup v.s. Mayo Ketchup
Chicken v.s. Egg Chicken
Trick v.s. Treat Trick
Mushroom v.s. Star Mushroom
  • I've also joined a few mini fests here but have not been able to attend them because I'm busy.

Things I'm worked/working on.

  • I'm trying to find out what Marie's pets are and other dumb pieces of trivia.
  • Writing things in my sandbox.
  • Minor bits of trivia and facts.
  • A very cool video game idea that I've been thinking about and have made art for.

My Barnsquid(s)

Milk Chocolate Wins Barnsquid.png Milk Chocolate Winner's Barnsquid
This Barnsquid is awarded to Fancy Squid for winning in

ChessMaster's second Minifest!

Arrows Winner Barnsquid.png Arrows Winner's Barnsquid
This Barnsquid is awarded to (user) for winning

in ChessMaster's third Minifest!

My UserBoxes

FemaleUser.png This user is female.
S2 Band Ink Theory.jpg This user is a fan of Ink Theory.
Callie1.png This user is a fan of Callie.
Marie1.png This user is a fan of Marie.
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