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Haha 😂 I don't need an impersonation barnsquid. But the more the better looking my page is! 🤣🤣🤣 I need to stop.

About Me

Hi!! I'm SplatFan09!! AKA: Audrey AKA: Carbon Master AKA: The Only Person In The World Without Octo Expansion (TuT) AKA Squid Queen AKA Dualie Master AKA Agent 4 AKA I Hate Marie AKA Callie Fan AKA Off The Hook Is Equally Great AKA I Miss Too Much Stuff AKA I Love The Color Magenta AKA Jokes At Bad Times AKA Too Much AKAs XD I'm an Overachiever on Salmon Run, and the rest is in my infobox. (At the bottom.) Scratch account:

Hi again! I'm getting a bigger intrest in Scratch and the game Deltarune but will come back every couple weeks in case I have messages. (Or if I need Splatoon songs)

This time the picture isn't taken with an old chromebook! I have Hero Headphones Replica, Forge Octarian Jacket, Blue Moto Boots.

My Contributions

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(there are lots more, just in little edits.)

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(uhh why are you still here XD)


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My Stats
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Level: 42
Super Sea Snails: 35
Splat Zones: Rank B
Tower Control: Rank B
Rainmaker: Rank A-
Clam Blitz: Rank C-
Salmon Run: Overachiever
Octo Canyon: 80%


Maybe I should make an alt or move my account to RalseiTheInkling just because of AsrielTheInkling just cuz I'm the biggest Ralsei fan... 😆 lol just kidding never in a million years cuz I'm a girl. (but I'm not lying about being #1 Ralsei fan)

...oR MaYbE i cAn be TEMMIETHEINKLING... hOi!