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My online avatar is my Weyo, whom I may or may not concider on par with my physical body. The Anglerfish Mask has pure Ink Saver (Main), which may be why it basically became a part of my Weyo.

I am a human being who bears autism and a strong passion for programming, game design, playing videogames (Nintendo especially) and memes. I live in Denmark and is danish.

In Splatoon 2

I mainly use rollers and is currently around high S+/low X. My favorite weapons are probably the Splat Roller and the Carbon Roller, through I also like the Dynamo Roller, mainly because it's so commically extreme. I like to play fast and the rollers allow me to do that. I usually try to respect my opponents, and nothing makes me saltier than when my teammates squid-bag my opponents (althrough, admittidly, loosing 10 times in a row when I almost got to a rank-up with an otherwise good pace is pretty annoying).

On Inkipedia

I joined the wiki because I wanted to become part of the community. So far, I have mainly taken on smaller tasks, mostly updating outdated information. I also like taking part of discussions. I have not really taken on big tasks yet because I fell that it is to early, and that I am not yet experienced enough, but I hope that I am still of great help.

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