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The Shel-drone is a drone that explores Alterna for any hidden treasures and then delivers them the next day to the lobby terminal.


The Shel-drone is a drone in the shape of Sheldon's head carrying a box. Although only named in Splatoon 3's Return of the Mammalians, this is likely the same drone as used in Splatoon 2's Octo Canyon, as they look identical.


Shel-drone Spawning Location

Return of the Mammalians

The Shel-drone is stationed on the launchpad next to the Squid Sisters Camp in Future Utopia Island. It becomes available after completing the campaign and exploring 100% of Alterna, but clearing all levels is not required[1]. Once unlocked, it can be enabled once a day for 999 Power Eggs, and will spend the rest of the day searching Alterna for treasure. Once the next day starts, it will deposit the treasure at the Lobby Terminal, and return to the launchpad where it can be activated again.


After the Shel-Drone has been activated and the day has passed, the player can go to the lobby terminal and select "Get stuff", which will give the player one of the following: [2]

Description Chance
1 Locker Decoration 70%
S3 Ticket Food Random.png 1 Food Ticket 10%
S2 Icon Ability Chunk Generic.png 5 Random Ability Chunks 10%
S3 Icon Cash.png 10000 10%

Receiving decorations from the Shel-drone is the only known way to currently receive duplicates of the Return of the Mammalians-exclusive decorations.

Photo Mode

When using the timer in Photo Mode, the Shel-drone will appear hovering in place while holding a camera underneath, acting as a visual indicator of where the photo is being taken from.



  • Photo Mode's timer cannot be used in Alterna, likely due to the Shel-drone being located at the Squid Sisters Camp in Future Utopia Island.

Names in other languages

Inkling Full 2.jpg
Translation needed
Add Italian, Spanish, and Chinese (Traditional) edit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ブキチドローン
Bukichi dorōn
Sheldon drone
Netherlands Dutch Armadrone From Armada ("Ammo Knights") and drone
CanadaFrance French Cardrone Shel-drone
Germany German Arty-Drohne Sheldon drone
Italy Italian Armandrone
Russia Russian Пуш-дрон
SpainMexico Spanish Dron
China Chinese (Simplified) 无人机
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 無人機
South Korea Korean 드론 Drone
Translate logo.svg Internal Msn_Drone [3]


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