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A gold record

Gold records are collectibles found in Alterna in Splatoon 3's single-player mode, Return of the Mammalians. When collected, they add elements to the background music for each site. Each site has three gold records hidden in loot anchors. When all gold records in a site have been obtained, a completion icon of a gold record is added to the map screen. The records may be based on the Voyager Golden Record which was sent to space to give information about humans to extraterrestrial life.


Area Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Future Utopia Island (Square).png
Future Utopia Island
S3 Band Stars in the Deep.png
Stars in the Deep
Sandcastles (Phase 1)
Sandcastles (Phase 2)
Sandcastles (Phase 3)
Cozy & Safe Factory (Square).png
Cozy & Safe Factory
S3 Band Mimicry.png
Sudden Depth (Phase 1)
Sudden Depth (Phase 2)
Sudden Depth (Phase 3)
Sudden Depth
Cryogenic Hopetown (Square).png
Cryogenic Hopetown
S3 Band Wash Out.png
Wash Out
Two Shadows in the Sun (Phase 1)
Two Shadows in the Sun (Phase 2)
Two Shadows in the Sun (Phase 3)
Two Shadows in the Sun
Landfill Dreamland (Square).png
Landfill Dreamland
S3 Band Firefly.png
Dead Sea (Phase 1)
Dead Sea (Phase 2)
Dead Sea (Phase 3)
Dead Sea
Eco-Forest Treehills (Square).png
Eco-Forest Treehills
S3 Band On the Clock.png
On the Clock
Whirlpool Tune (Phase 1)
Whirlpool Tune (Phase 2)
Whirlpool Tune (Phase 3)
Whirlpool Tune
Happiness Research Lab (Square).png
Happiness Research Lab
S3 Band Anxiety Society.png
Anxiety Society
Hyper Diver (Phase 1)
Hyper Diver (Phase 2)
Hyper Diver (Phase 3)
Hyper Diver


Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴールドディスク
Gold disk
Netherlands Dutch Gouden plaat Golden record
CanadaFrance French Disque en or Gold disk
Germany German Goldplatte Gold record
Italy Italian Disco d'oro Gold disk
Russia Russian Золотой диск
Zolotoy disk
Gold disk
SpainMexico Spanish Disco dorado Golden disk
China Chinese 金色唱片
South Korea Korean 골드 디스크 Gold Disk
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