Chorus of Calamari County

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Chorus of Calamari County
S Sunken Scroll 17.png
Artist Squid Sisters
Vocals keity.pop
Mari Kikuma
Callie (in-game)
Marie (in-game)
Game Splatoon 2
Heard in
Splatoon 2
Skipper Pavilion in Recon mode during Splatfest
Album Splatune
Track list no. 35 (Splatune Disc 2)
Genre Japanese folk
Key signature E♭ minor
Length 1:38
Audio file

Chorus of Calamari County, also known as Calamari Shanty in the European version of Splatoon, is a folk song preformed by the Squid Sisters in the first annual Youth Folk-Singing contest. This song rose them to fame because it caught the eye of committee member Shy-Ho-Shy and helped them arrive in Inkopolis. The Squid Sisters did not compose this song; in actuality, it is an ancient melody. It is danced during Gachi Bon Matsuri.


Chorus of Calamari County starts with a taiko drum playing a slow and steady beat. Next, a Koto, a Japanese guitar, joins in and plays the melody heard in the Calamari Inkantation cover. After that, a shakuhachi, a Japanese flute, gets mixed in and plays the melody of Chorus of Calamari County, which bears resemblance to the future cover. Later, the chorus starts singing the melody the koto plays. Traditional Japanese folk song sound effects are played during the song.


The dance choreography artwork of the Gachi Bon Matsuri dance includes the lyrics for this song.

Chorus of Calamari County Lyrics (Japanese version)

ちょっぺりぽ しゅらしゅらふぇ
なんにゅるにれ にふぁふぇら ひ

なんにゅるに うぇらにらしゅらはらひ
にゅるにれはら ふぇふぇふぇ

や うぇに まれぃ みれきゃら ひれ
じゅり ゆ みれけらそん

きれ ひゃり よりへらへ にゅらへら
ぬんにゅら うねら ゆらうぇら ふぃめら

な にれ じゅて みれきゃら へりゃ
にれ ゆ みれけらそん

きれ ひゃり ぬりへらへ にゅらへら
ぬんにゅら うねら ゆらうぇら ふぃめらに

Chorus of Calamari County Lyrics (Localized version)[1]

Chopperipo Shurashurafe
Nannyurunire Nifahera Hi

Nannyaruni Weranirashuraharahi
Nyurunirehara Fefefe

 Ya Weni Marei Mirekyara Hire
Juri Yu Mirekerason

Kire Hyari Yoriherahe Nyurahera
Nunnyura Unera Yurawera Fimera

Na Nire Jute Mirekyara Herya
Nire Yu Mirekerason

Kire Hyari Nuriherahe Nyurahera
Nunnyura Unera Yurawera Fimerani

Samples and interpolations

Calamari Inkantation

Main article: Calamari Inkantation

The lyrics of Chorus of Calamari County are reused for Calamari Inkantation.

Wave Goodbye

Main article: Wave Goodbye

Part of Calamari Inkantation and the Chorus of Calamari County can be heard in Wave Goodbye.



  • In the song, waves crashing and talking ambience can be heard. This means the song was possibly recorded in a beach. This also means this probably isn't the original Chorus of Calamari County played in the 1st annual Youth Folk-Singing contest.


  • The "Chorus" part of the name notes the chorus in the song.
  • The "Calamari County" part of the name notes it was created and first shown in Calamari County, the county where the Squid Sisters are from.

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 元祖正調塩辛節
Ganso Seichō Shiokara Bushi
Original Traditional Calamari Melody
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Canto tradicional de la región de Calamaro Traditional hymn of the Calamari region

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