Freshness (stars)

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For Freshness meter referring the number of flags, see Freshness (flags).

Freshness, also referred to as weapon rating or Freshness rating, is a progression system used for tracking main weapon usage in Splatoon 3.


Freshness is tracked for each specific main weapon and does not drop or reset. After each match, a player's weapon gains Freshness points based on Battle Points awarded.

The meter can be seen from the equipment select screen, and pressing on the weapon.


Obtaining a new star for a weapon grants the player the reward associated with that level:

Stars Freshness required Reward
1 10,000 1 Sheldon License
2 25,000 Normal sticker of the weapon
3 60,000 Reflective sticker of the weapon
4 160,000 Badge of the weapon
5 1,160,000 Golden badge of the weapon

Once a player has reached five stars, they can no longer earn Freshness towards that weapon, and the bar changes to "MAX".


Judd's Advice
Meow. (Each weapon has a Freshness rating, which grows as you use it. You'll get bonuses for boosting a weapon's rating, like Sheldon Licenses, stickers, and badges! Stickers and badges are great for showing everyone which weapons you like to use.


  • Earning 1,160,000p is equivalent to 464 Anarchy Battle KOs (at 2500p per game), 580 Anarchy Battle victories without KOs (at 1,500p per game, plus the 500p timer bonus), 829 Turf War wins (at 1400p per game), or 1,450 Turf War losses (at 800p per game).
  • Once a weapon reaches 4 or 5 stars, the number of stars that weapon has can be seen when selecting a weapon.