Return of the Mammalians (mission)/Quotes

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The dialog includes the following characters: Callie (Agent 1), Marie (Agent 2), Cuttlefish, Mr. Grizz, Frye, Shiver, Big Man, DJ Octavio, and the Captain.

After clearing the final Fuzzball on Mr. Grizz

  • Mr. Grizz: You are proactive, aren't you... But it's time to clock out. In a few moments, Earth will be ruled by mammals once again.
  • DJ Octavio: GYAH HAH HAH! Not if I crash your big finish! You're not dropping this beat on OUR turf!
  • Agent 1: We'll hype you up from here, Agent 3!
  • Shiver: Listen up! It's going down... Repping the Splatlands, we are DEEP CUT!
  • Frye: Ready up there? Let's bust that bear!
  • Big Man: AY, AAY!
  • Shiver: You lip-synch... We drip ink-
  • Agent 2: Oh. Our turn?
  • Cuttlefish: Hit it!
  • DJ Octavio: That heavenly melody!
  • Cuttlefish: Look! Marine-life is flowing up there!
  • Frye: Streams of light...
  • Shiver: "Three lights... united to consume disaster..."
  • Frye: It is as it was foretold. Behold! HUGEFRY!
  • Big Man: AAAY! (OHHH YEAH!)
  • Agent 1: WHOA! Smallfry and Mr. Grizz got HUGE-IFIED! They're so… ADORABLE!
  • Agent 2: "The bear is filled with Fuzzy Ooze! Eliminate the Fuzzballs to help Hugefry!" Er, just quoting the Captain here. He's trying to deliver the Fuzzy Ooze himself! You've got to stop him!
  • Frye: You ooze, you lose. Go back to Ursa WHINER!
  • Cuttlefish: You ready, Octavio?
  • DJ Octavio: GYAH HA HA! Pilot hatch unlocked! Fuzzballs… meet my Ink Vac! Hop in, Agent 3!
  • Agent 1: You heard him! Steer the Octobot King and vacuum those Fuzzballs up!
  • Agent 2: We only have 3 minutes and 33 seconds before he slams into the Earth! Hurry!

Dialogue during the vacuuming phase

  • Frye: Hop in with ZL, and use L to steer and move forward!
  • Shiver: The Ink Vac will stretch waaay out there if you hold down ZR!
  • Agent 2: Watch out! Enemies incoming!
  • Agent 1: Heads up! Enemies are boarding!
  • Cuttlefish: Oho! It's working!
  • Agent 1: There are more Fuzzballs up ahead! Get the next one!
  • Cuttlefish: Yo, Octavio! Check it out! There are fake Fuzzballs floatin' out there! Be careful!
  • Agent 2: You can't suck up the fakes? Yikes!
  • DJ Octavio: GYAH! Don't fall for the fakes! You can't suck 'em up!
  • Frye: OK, OK! Only two left!
  • DJ Octavio: GYAH HA HA! NICE!
  • Shiver: His back is wide open!
  • Big Man: Aaay! (Suck it up!)
  • DJ Octavio: Keep the enemy in sight, and aim carefully!
  • Agent 2: Watch out! Enemies incoming!
  • Agent 1: Heads up! Enemies are boarding!
  • Shiver: Down to two minutes!
  • DJ Octavio: GYAH HA HA! NICE!
  • Agent 1: Yesss! Just one more to go!
  • Agent 2: This is it, Agent 3! IT'S NOW OR NEVER!
  • Frye: YES! Go, Hugefry! Get in there!
  • Shiver: That's it! Keep holding him down!
  • Big Man: Aaay! (Now! While you can!)
  • Big Man: AAAY! (One minute left!)

After sucking up the final Fuzzball

  • Agent 1: We got all of the Fuzzballs... Now what?
  • DJ Octavio: I'll tell you what! We fire that fuzz right back!
  • Agent 2: "Blast the stuffing out of him with ZR!" That's an order from the Captain!
  • Cuttlefish: First rule of battlefield! NEVER GIVE UP!
  • Agent 1: WAAH! We're out of time!

After defeating Mr. Grizz

  • Mr. Grizz: It seems all of my work... has been for nothing. The times have changed. The world can never be the same as it was. Moving forward... is the future. I suppose this is it, then. You will not receive severance paaaaaay...

After Return of the Mammalians Boss Fight and Deep Cut broadcast

  • Agent 1: Agent 3! Agent 3! I'm so glad you're okay! I mean... I knew you would be!
  • Agent 2: Nicely done. We saw it all. The daring. The bravery. The inkcredible skills. Who knew Smallfry could do all that! A-and you were there too!
  • Agent 1: Yeah! Agent 3 basically saved the planet. Does anyone other than us realize that?
  • Cuttlefish: Bein' a hero, well... it's a real trip. A voyage, if you will. Some kinda... tour... where you go places...
  • Captain: Booyah!
  • Agent 2: Uh... well said, Gramps. Oh, the captain was full of praise for you too. There was a heartfelt nod of approval.
  • Agent 1: Hear, hear! Well, until next time...
  • Agent 2: Stay fresh!

Bad ending

If the player fails this mission by either getting splatted by the enemies or running out of time, one of the following three dialogues will appear (rotated upon each failure in the listed order):

  • Shiver: No! NO! We didn't make it...
  • Frye: Splatsville! We failed yooou!
  • Big Man: Aaay... (We were too late...)

In addition, on the first time getting the bad ending during a play session, the following dialog will also appear:

  • O.R.C.A.: On that day...a massive Fuzzball was born in space.