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Template invocation of Module:Weapon.

Displays an inline weapon icon with a text link.




Parameter Type Status Description
game Unnamed Required The game that the ability belongs to. Must be one of the following:
  • S for Splatoon
  • S2 for Splatoon 2
  • S3 for Splatoon 3
category Unnamed Required The type of weapon. Must be one of the following:
  • Main
  • Sub
  • Special
name Unnamed Required The English name of the weapon.
  • For Bomb Rush, specify the bomb type after "Bomb Rush", with or without parentheses like Bomb Rush Burst Bomb or Bomb Rush (Burst Bomb).
  • For random weapons in Salmon Run, simply use a question mark: ? for the green random weapon and ?? for the yellow random weapon.
size Unnamed Optional The pixel width for the icon. The default size is 24.
icononly Unnamed Optional If present, the text label will be omitted.
var Named Optional If present, the variant name will be appended to the file name, to choose between different variants of the same weapon's icons.



* {{Weapon|S|Special|Bomb Rush}}
* {{Weapon|S|Special|Bomb Rush (Seeker)|48}}
* {{Weapon|S2|Main|Splattershot|icononly}}
* {{Weapon|S2|Main|Splattershot|48|icononly}}
* {{Weapon|S2|Main|?}}
* {{Weapon|S2|Main|??}}
* {{Weapon|S3|Main|?}}
* {{Weapon|S3|Main|??}}
* {{Weapon|S3|Main|Splattershot|icononly}}
* {{Weapon|S3|Main|Splattershot|48|icononly}}
* {{Weapon|S|Sub|Splat Bomb|icononly}}
* {{Weapon|S2|Sub|Splat Bomb|icononly}}
* {{Weapon|S3|Sub|Splat Bomb|icononly}}
* {{Weapon|S|Special|Bomb Rush Splat Bomb|icononly}}
* {{Weapon|S|Special|Killer Wail}} 
* {{Weapon|S3|Main|Hero Shot Replica|var=2D Current|icononly}}