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Get your mouse off of me!

Hello! My name is Safyire, I am a rather skilled Splatoon player (according to me).
I usually fix grammar issues and awkward wording around pages, but I also add in missing information from time to time.
I hope I can be of assistance around the wiki!

Current Projects


  • Upload early weapon images
  • Find differences in Splatoon's prerelease trailers


Display Name: OS Safyire
Level: 40
Rank: A (72)
Nintendo Network ID: Epicplayr41
Last Updated: January 10, 2016

Equipment Sets

S Weapon Main Heavy Splatling Deco.png
Point Sensor
S Weapon Sub Point Sensor.png
S Weapon Special Kraken.png
S Gear Headgear Paisley Bandana.png
S Ability Ink Saver (Sub).png
S Ability Swim Speed Up.png
S Ability Ink Saver (Main).png
S Ability Swim Speed Up.png
S Gear Clothing Forge Inkling Parka.png
S Ability Run Speed Up.png
S Ability Special Charge Up.png
S Ability Special Duration Up.png
S Ability Special Duration Up.png
S Gear Shoes Black Trainers.png
S Ability Quick Respawn.png
S Ability Ink Recovery Up.png
S Ability Ink Recovery Up.png
S Ability Ink Recovery Up.png

Favorite Weapons

S Weapon Main Heavy Splatling Deco.png Heavy Splatling Deco - My current active main. This weapon's range is so long, it can combat chargers like the Squiffer and Splat Chargers, but not so much as E-liters. The charge time is decent, and not ridiculously long like the Hydra Splatling, and the weapon is overall strong. The Point Sensors help me aim at my target, and the Kraken is good for close-combat emergencies.

S Weapon Main Gold Dynamo Roller.png Gold Dynamo Roller - A rather slow but very powerful and long-ranged weapon. Not only is it good for faraway strikes, but it can also succeed in close-combat attacks if executed correctly. The Splat Bombs can be used to pressure opponents in tight areas, and the Inkstrike can fend off enemies and lead them to where you want them to be.

S Weapon Main Custom Dual Squelcher.png Custom Dual Squelcher - A good weapon for all types of ranked modes, this weapon, combined with its impressive range, is just straight-off a killing machine. One downside is the fact that its sub weapon is not offensive, but it's because the sub weapon is a Squid Beakon, which can lead to fast comebacks and team support. The Killer Wail may not seem surprising, but it's useful in Tower Control and Rainmaker to pressure, or even kill the leading enemy.