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JAMSTEC, the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Tecnology is the Japanese national research institute for marine-earch science and technology.


In April and May 2018, JAMSTEC and the Japanese Splatoon Twitter account announced a collaboration and cross-promotion called Jamsteeec[1], which included:

  • The   Unknown Creature vs   Advanced Technology Splatfest[2]
  • The Inkling world's version of JAMSTEC[3], with a few details:
    • The S2 Gear Headgear Oceanic Hard Hat.png Oceanic Hard Hat[4], designed after the real-world JAMSTEC hard-hats.
    • The research and deep-earth drilling ship, CHIKYU, was added to the background of the Manta Maria stage[5].
    • The deep-sea submarine Shinkai 6500 was shown to exist in the background of a level in the Octo Expansion[6].
      • There was also a post highlighting the fact that the S2 Weapon Sub Autobomb.png Autobomb was designed after the Shinkai 6500[7].
  • Videos showing real-life deep sea squids[8] and Octopuses[9], in comparison with Inklings and Octolings.
  • Several posts on the real-life creatures that inspired some of the characters in the Octo Expansion, including C.Q. Cumber (sea pig)[10] and Iso Padre (giant isopod)[11].
  • An free "open day" held on 12 May 2018, at the JAMSTEC headquarters in Yokosuka was promoted on the SplatoonJP Twitter [12]
    • Splatoon 2 collaboration activities at the event itself, such as presentation of the "research reports", an exhibition stamp rally, photo ops, and coloring book illustrations.


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