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Hi stranger, I'm Ooga chaga. I primarily do NioL and minor edits on singleplayer related pages. I recently haven't been pretty active since I have been focusing on other things. I don't really play much online, but I am a mid-level Splatoon speedrunner. To the right is the end screen from my Breathe In, Breathe Out speedrun and below is a list of some individual levels I have speedran.

Breathe In, Breathe Out
Ooga 0608.png
Speedrun Personal Bests
S2 Gold Weapon Badge.png 1-8, B-2, 4-4, 6-8
S2 Silver Weapon Badge.png 6-5, B-4, G-1, G-2*
S2 Bronze Weapon Badge.png A05, B-1, 4-1, R-1
S2 Red Weapon Badge.png 4-20, 2-2, 2-5, 4-6