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Agent 3
ZBroadcast Agent 3.png
Species: Inkling
Ink Color:   Dark Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Gear: Head - Studio Headphones
Shirt - Octoling Armour
Shoes - Hero Runner Replicas
Weapon - Octobrush
Location: Flounder Heights

Agent 4
ZBroadcast Agent 4.jpeg
Species: Inkling
Ink Color:   Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Gear: Head - Studio Headphones
Shirt - Shirt with Blue Hoodie
Shoes - Orca Hi-Tops
Weapon - Octobrush/Herobrush Replica
Location: The Reef

Agent 8
ZBroadcast's Octoling.png
Species: Octoling
Ink Color:   Navy
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Gear: Head - Octoglasses
Shirt - Octo Tee
Shoes - Neo Octoling Boots
Weapon - Octobrush/Herobrush Replica
Location: Beaker's Depot (formerly), Inkblot Art Academy
ZBroadcast's Inkling and Octoling.

'Sup, Stranger! I'm ZBroadcast! I would try to add any high-quality screenshots for Splatoon 2 enemies. If there’s anything Octarian related that I can help with, I’m in the book! I also have contributed to the Mario Wiki as well. Have a great day!

ZBroadcast Octo and Chum.jpeg

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