Version 5.2.0 (Splatoon 3)

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Version 5.2.0
For Splatoon 3
Version history

Version 5.2.0 is an update to Splatoon 3 that released on 16 November 2023. This update focuses on minor feature changes and adds support for the second wave of Splatoon 3 amiibo.


This update focuses on adding data for Deep Cut amiibo. We plan on releasing the next update at the end of the current season. It will focus primarily on weapon balance adjustments and adding features for the new season starting in December.

Changes and feature improvements

Changes to amiibo

Season and catalog changes

  • The number of Catalog Points earned during the Closeout Bonus period has increased from 1.2x to 1.5x.
    The Closeout Bonus period runs from one week before the end of the season until the end of the season.

Changes to notifications

  • When you receive a notification that a room created with the SplatNet 3 Room Creation feature is joinable, it will be displayed on the screen.

Changes to Tournament Manager

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