Version 1.1.2 (Splatoon 3)

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Version 1.1.2
For Splatoon 3
Version history

Version 1.1.2 is the second post-release update to Splatoon 3, and was released on 30 September 2022 at 01:00 UTC. This update focused on bug fixes.


Because this update patch focuses on additional fixes to connection-related issues and fixes to some control and battle-related issues, we have prioritized its release.

We identified an issue where communications with the server are interrupted during a battle or job shift due to settings on the player's network equipment and their internet provider.

We have implemented measures to reduce communication interruptions and reduce subsequent errors after a battle or job shift even if an interruption does occur.

Additionally, we have implemented provisional fixes regarding some problems that affect the feeling and feedback of controls while playing.

In the case of the issue with clipping through terrain when using a Tacticooler, we decided that it was more important to quickly release a solution that mitigates the issue rather than hold out for a "perfect fix."

Furthermore, if players are found to be harassing other players or otherwise violating Nintendo's Community Guidelines by intentionally exploiting game bugs, we are actively taking measures including suspension of online play.

The next patch will focus primarily on balance adjustments and other issues that were outside the scope of the current patch.

We continue to observe and analyze battle data and are planning to make further adjustments around the midpoint of the current season.

Changes to connectivity

  • Implemented additional measures to reduce the frequency of communication errors following battles and job shifts.

Changes to player controls

  • Fixed an issue where players using dualies would stop attacking and enter swim form at the end of a Dodge Roll regardless of whether they were holding the Button.
  • Fixed an issue with the Drop Roller gear ability where the player would enter swim form at the end of their Drop Roll if they pressed the Button while holding the Button during the Drop Roll, regardless of whether they continued holding the Button.
  • Fixed an issue with splatanas that caused players to perform two sequential horizontal slashes following a charged slash even if they only pressed the Button once.

Changes to multiplayer

  • Fixed an issue where players would not take damage for a certain amount of time after their Booyah Bomb armor was broken.
  • Implemented measures to prevent issues where players would clip through and get stuck in terrain when turning from swim form into humanoid form near a Tacticooler placed in the corner of certain maps.

Other changes

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when the player finished editing their locker with a photo stand placed in the locker.
  • Fixed an issue with receiving a new catalog after reaching catalog level 100, where a communication error happening or the game crashing could result in the catalog-receiving event not triggering.
    (In cases where this issue has already occurred, the catalog-receiving event will play again once the player has restarted the software and entered Hotlantis.)
  • Fixed an issue relating to Super Sea Snails. If players were unable to receive Super Sea Snails from the first Splatfest, the final-results news broadcast will replay and they will now be able to collect their Super Sea Snails.

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